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Don’t blame Sox fans for empty seats

Updated: July 21, 2012 6:21AM

Just because White Sox fans are not coming to the park doesn’t mean we are not following them. What the Sox are basically saying is, in the middle of a bad economy, come and spend your hard-earned money on a game you can watch for free on TV so that I can pay a guy millions of dollars to play baseball for a living! My husband sure wishes he had the talent to do that, but instead works his butt off on a hot dock in a warehouse. We have already gone to a few games this year. Three times the tickets were given to us and once I bought them. The tickets alone cost me $180, plus $24 for parking, then the price of a few rounds of beers and hot dogs — maybe $50 — plus gas for our car coming from the burbs. I love my Sox and will continue to support them, but please stop blaming the fans for your lack of revenue. Blame greed.

Cathy Przybylinski, Berkeley

History lesson for EPA opponents

Mitt Romney and the Republicans want to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. How about a history lesson? Back in the ’70s, the Delaware River and its related waterways were so polluted that the debris on the surface covered everything. The river caught on fire. Multiple times. Each time, corporations and industrialists did a little hand-wringing and a bit of “my bad, we’ll fix things” — then went out and bought local politicians. It was at that point that the EPA was established, with the weight of the federal government lent to clean-up efforts. Though the fight is ongoing, things are much improved today. Now our federal politicians want to put environmental control back in the hands of the locals. Those folks with the deep pockets who did so well the first time around. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d like to leave walking on water to the big guy upstairs.

Cindy Rochel, Tinley Park

Huntley needs to get facts straight

Steve Huntley’s column in Tuesday’s paper was an exercise in GOP propaganda. He claims President Obama flouts immigration law when in fact all administrations have selectively enforced immigration law and other laws (President Bush’s Justice Department went easy on enforcing civil rights and environmental laws). He claims then-Sen. Obama torpedoed Bush’s immigration reform, which is false. It was the Republican Right who did not like some Democratic pro-immigration reform amendments who torpedoed it. Mr. Huntley should check his facts so that he doesn’t sound like a GOP schill.

Silvio Anichini, Edgewater

Support pension reform legislation

On Monday, I read the Sun-Times article “Lansing’s Last-Day Raises Last a Lifetime,” and I appreciated your efforts to bring this type of pension mismanagement to the public’s attention. I have passed legislation in recent years to combat this issue. In 2011, I sponsored and passed a bill that prohibits artificially inflated salaries (intended to increase taxpayer-funded pensions) at the end of a career. This legislation, in addition, prevents public employees from double-dipping by earning a pension and a salary at the same time. I also sponsored legislation that states that if an employee’s salary increases by more than 6 percent from the previous year, the municipality must make up the difference now rather than put it off to the future; the bill also prevents salary spikes of more than 125 percent in the last 24 months of service. Lansing is trying to repeal the law. I encourage all municipalities across Illinois to help eliminate egregious salary spiking and pension inflation. That’s the right thing to do for the hard-working taxpayers.

State Rep. Karen May, Highwood

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