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Rauner needs to turn over new leaf on medical pot

EDITORIAL: It’s disappointing to hear that Bruce Rauner is unsupportive of legalized medical marijuana in Illinois, and we can’t imagine why he thinks the state should squeeze a profit from its sale. Does the Republican candidate for governor seriously doubt that thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — of suffering people would not have their chronic pain eased?

Hitting a child is always wrong

EDITORIAL: The Minnesota Vikings made the right call, finally. Even if not necessarily for the right reasons. Facing tremendous corporate and public pressure, the team owners on Wednesday reversed course and announced that star running back Adrian Peterson will be benched until his child abuse case is resolved. What would be the right reason? If the team, and the public at large, embraced a simple, but oh-so-hard-to-accept fact: Hitting a kid is always wrong.

River ordinance is sign of good taste

EDITORIAL: Thanks, Mr. Trump, for the ugly sign. As it turns out, it will make our downtown riverfront look much nicer. What your sign did was alert local officials to the importance of protecting the visual impact of Chicago’s handsome downtown riverscape.

Flawed reform is better than none

EDITORIAL: To survive the political process, reform often comes with a few scratches on the veneer. That’s the case with a proposal to move the City Council under the purview of City of Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson. The proposal is not perfect, but it would be a big step forward.

Editorial: Wallenda’s walk — watch it, or not?

EDITORIAL: Nik Wallenda’s decision to risk his life by walking a tight rope high above the Chicago River on Nov. 2 says something about him. If he falls, he dies, and he’s okay with that. Our decision to watch — or not — says something about us.

Gov’t should  renegotiate  FBI building lease

EDITORIAL: Leasing that FBI building might have made sense. Paying that crazy high rent makes no sense.

It shouldn’t take a government photo ID to exercise one’s right to vote

EDITORIAL: Studies have shows about 11 percent of Americans don’t have a government-issued photo ID. Many of those people also lack the birth certificates needed to obtain a state ID.

T. rex Sue — still our queen

EDITORIAL: Children love dinosaurs, always have, the scarier the better. So Sue has no worries.Sue may no longer be the world’s biggest predatory dinosaur, but she’s still the one you most don’t want to meet on a dark night.

How to tackle society’s problem of domestic abuse

EDITORIAL: If only Ray Rice and the National Football League were the problem. They are a problem. But not the problem. To get men to stop beating the women in their lives, or at least dramatically reduce its incidence, it will take all of us, at every level of society, to reject domestic abuse whenever and wherever we see it.

A ray of hope on Earth’s future

EDITORIAL: A United Nations report on Wednesday gave us news that’s both cheering and that shows how by coming together people can hope to forestall ecological disasters. Scientists have found that the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer, which protects people, plants and the aquatic food chain from dangerous ultraviolet radiation, has started to repair itself now that we’ve stopped using dangerous chemicals once found in refrigerants and aerosol cans.

Continuous cuts hurt higher education, and students

EDITORIAL: Last week, University of Illinois officials said a higher percentage of students accepted at the U. of I. are deciding to go elsewhere because financial aid is insufficient. It’s another sign that Illinois’ continuous cuts are gradually eroding the state’s higher education.

Editorial: NFL’s Goodell must go

EDITORIAL: It’s time for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to go. The public has had enough of the league’s dancing on the head of a pin, enough with the league’s protecting of players who beat up women.

Obama’s ISIS plan appears modest, realistic

EDITORIAL: America’s experience in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 13 years has been an unending stream of negative unintended consequences.

Daley’s ties to development deal stink

EDITORIAL: Even Barney Fife might have a problem here.

Taking stand vs. gun traffickers makes us all safer

EDITORIAL: On Saturday, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence set out to do something about that by holding a rally near Chuck’s Gun Shop & Pistol Range in Riverdale, which the Brady people say has sold at least 1,516 guns used in gun crimes. The rally was part of an overdue effort to take on gun traffickers and the horrific shooting that turns our streets into war zones.