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Taxi reforms steer in the right direction

EDITORIAL: The taxicab industry has been struggling to compete with new ride-sharing services that have found a niche by making it easy to order a ride via smart phones. A sensible set of proposed taxi regulation reforms from City Hall will preserve that competition but make it easier for cabbies to earn a living wage. The City Council should approve the reforms after they are introduced on Oct. 8.

The thug life runs deep

EDITORIAL: Another weekend, another five people killed by guns in Chicago — and one victim, again, is a child, Demureye Macon. Thirteen years old. This comes less than two weeks after a nine-year-old boy was shot and killed.

Burge leaving prison, but a mess remains

EDITORIAL: A group of up to 75 men who were tortured by former Police Cmdr. Jon Burge and his associates have no open legal avenues to collect settlements. The City Council should pass an ordinance to fix that.

Ease up on school budgets permanently

EDITORIAL: Chicago Public Schools officials made a good call on Friday. Now let’s make it a permanent. Nearly a month into the school year, Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett opted against clawing back money from individual schools that had enrolled fewer students than the schools had budgeted for based on opening day enrollment projections. This reprieve means many schools can avoid laying off staff, cutting supplies or programs after school already has begun.

Keep the heat on political corruption

EDITORIAL: The last year has been relatively quiet on the political corruption front. U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon has pushed only a handful of cases alleging wrongdoing by local pols, though he may have more in the works. It’s reassuring, then, that Fardon reportedly intends to appoint as his right-hand aide a man who helped him convict former Gov. George Ryan. By naming Joel R. Levin as his first deputy, Fardon is sending a welcome message that political corruption remains a top priorty of his office.

Tragedy demands review of DCFS

EDITORIAL: DCFS remains the last hope and refuge for many of the state’s most troubled and vulnerable people.

Now they’re all war presidents

EDITORIAL: America will be at war for generations to come. That was not President Obama’s intended message in a characteristically eloquent speech before the United Nations Tuesday, but it’s a fair reading between the lines.

Go easier on petty drug offenders

EDITORIAL: Arresting and prosecuting low-level drug offenders is a waste of time. So say cops and assistant state’s attorneys, who should know. This week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel rightly joined a growing call to decriminalize marijuana statewide and reduce penalties for small amounts of other controlled substances. As the mayor said in a press release, “It is time to put our sentencing policies in line with our values [and] reduce penalties for nonviolent, low-level drug offenses so we don’t put people in prison who need drug treatment.” To which we can only say: Amen.

Our online IDs deserve better security

EDITORIAL: If businesses don’t do a better job of protecting our personal data, they should expect government to step in and do the job for them.

Nation needs to address end-of-life care

EDITORIAL: It’s time to revive the dreaded “death panel” debate. Not in the destructive and uninformed way it played out during the Obamacare debate in 2009. Sarah Palin helped kill off a vital provision that would have reimbursed doctors for counseling patients about end-of-life care by erroneously labeling those doctors part of a death panel. Instead, it’s time for a genuine debate about end-of-life care, one we hope will bring real change to a health care system that fails to respect the final wishes of far too many of us.

Editorial: Bishop a good fit for Chicago

EDITORIAL: Can you get a good vibe from a press conference? We believe we did Saturday morning when Bishop Blase Cupich, the next archbishop of Chicago, was introduced to our city and region.

Hey, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, lend us your ear

EDITORIAL: A candidate can learn a few things during election time. One of the things Rahm Emanuel seems to be learning is to listen a little better to community voices before barreling ahead with a new headline-grabbing project.

Why Chicago excites Jimmy Fallon

EDITORIAL: Jimmy Fallon is coming to town. Are we excited? Maybe a bit too much.

Rauner needs to turn over new leaf on medical pot

EDITORIAL: It’s disappointing to hear that Bruce Rauner is unsupportive of legalized medical marijuana in Illinois, and we can’t imagine why he thinks the state should squeeze a profit from its sale. Does the Republican candidate for governor seriously doubt that thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — of suffering people would not have their chronic pain eased?

Hitting a child is always wrong

EDITORIAL: The Minnesota Vikings made the right call, finally. Even if not necessarily for the right reasons. Facing tremendous corporate and public pressure, the team owners on Wednesday reversed course and announced that star running back Adrian Peterson will be benched until his child abuse case is resolved. What would be the right reason? If the team, and the public at large, embraced a simple, but oh-so-hard-to-accept fact: Hitting a kid is always wrong.