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Michael Sneed has been a Chicago journalist for nearly four decades covering everything short of war.

Among the stories Sneed has reported on in her …

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Well-connected D.C. lawyer to speak in Waukegan hometown: Sneed

The Waukegan Warrior is heading home! What about Bob? He’s a master of the book deal. He’s one of the nation’s most powerful lawyers. He’s Waukegan bred with Washington cred, who hangs out with the world’s powerful elite. And he just may become Waukegan’s new …

Sneed: Cardinal George may preside over his last Easter Mass on Sunday

Battling cancer and awaiting a successor, George is now nearing the end of his tenure presiding over the Chicago archdiocese’s 2.2 million Catholics.

Sneed: N’DIGO mag chief backing Rauner says, ‘I am not a paid mouthpiece’

Nice work if you can get it! It’s no secret that Hermene Hartman, publisher of N’DIGO magazine, has been pitching GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner big-time in the black community. It’s no secret Hartman announced via her magazine that she has switched to the Republican …

Sneed: Almost 1000 gay couples have filed for Cook County marriage licenses

The marriage map . . . Sneed is told the number of applications for Cook County gay marriage licenses is about to hit 1,000 — and 20 percent of them are from 23 states outside Illinois. “We’ve had 950 license applications thus far and expect …

Sneed: Will Nik Wallenda’s high-wire walk involve safety net?

Getting wired . . . Attention! Adrenaline junkies anxious to see famous high-wire artist Nik Wallenda navigate two Chicago skyscrapers in Chicago this fall — while insisting against using a safety net — just might be in for a letdown. ◆ Translation: Has anyone broken …

Sneed: The Edwards Memorial

A grave visitor . . . Dateline: The heart line . . . Former Dem presidential hopeful John Edwards is still a frequent visitor to his wife’s grave. “He was here within the week,” said sculptor Robert Mihaly, who is finally nearing completion on a …

Sneed: Is Toni testing the waters?

The big buzz . . . Is Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle dodging — or doing? Sneed hears speculation that Preckwinkle is considering a run for mayor may be growing legs. Barring being drafted by the African-American community to run against Mayor Rahm Emanuel …

Sneed exclusive: Unpopular tax plan may reappear

The tax ax . . . Sneed hears rumbles that a City Council proposal to levy a lease tax on office buildings may be in the mix of suggestions to restore two of the city’s pension funds to fiscal health. Oy! “Former Mayor Jane Byrne …

Sneed: Quinn torpedoes Emanuel

Rahm may be a tough cookie, but he got bitten in the butt by Quinn’s refusal Monday to back Rahm’s plan to solve the city’s pension crisis on the back of Chicago’s property tax payers.

Sneed: People rush to get in on ground floor of loan program

Home hustle . . . Sneed hears the run for Gov. Pat Quinn’s subsidized mortgage program has already become a sprint. ◆ Translation: Since Sneed exclusively tipped the Welcome Home Illinois Loan Program’s launch last Sunday, $5.2 million has already been reserved to finance applicants’ …

  • Sneed: For Patti Blagojevich, ‘this year is especially heartbreaking’

    The good wife . . . About two weeks ago, Patti Blagojevich marked an anniversary without a celebration; the completion of her husband’s second year in a federal prison outside of Denver. Since former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s incarceration on corruption charges in 2012, his wife …Read More

  • Sneed: Behind the scenes of Obama’s visit to Chicago

    O on the go! . . . Running in real time . . . . . . with President Barack Obama in Chicago on Wednesday. ◆ About 4 p.m.: Gov. Pat Quinn, leaving behind his omnipresent sidekick “Betsy the briefcase,” to greet Obama on the …Read More

  • Exclusive: Obama to dine with Emanuel, Axelrod between DNC fundraisers Wednesday

    Forks up! Consider President Barack Obama’s meal deal Wednesday at a private dinner for three in the backroom confines of the popular Chicago Cut steakhouse: ◆ The president will drink only water brought into the restaurant by his staff. ◆ The president’s food can be …Read More

  • Sneed: Quinn to launch state mortgage program for first-time home buyers

    Sneed exclusive . . . Gov. Pat Quinn is throwing out the welcome mat! Sneed has learned Quinn plans to announce a new state-subsidized mortgage loan program Monday for first-time Illinois home buyers. “This program is not for millionaires,” Quinn told Sneed. “This is for …

    Sneed: A papal White House Visit?

    Although President Obama hasn’t issued the pope a formal White House invitation, he did suggest such a visit with the pontiff, who has yet to visit the U.S., when he gave him a box of seeds.

    Sneed: GOP pols, black ministers fight for Rauner money

    Follow the money . . . Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Hmmm. Does Sneed smell a whiff of napalm? ◆ Translation: A big-bucks brouhaha is brewing between South and West Side Republican committeemen and powerful black ministers being courted by GOP gubernatorial candidate …

    Sneed: Rauner backs incumbent in battle over Cook County GOP leadership

    County heat! Bruce’s next battle! The Grand Old Party has got a grand old fight on its hands. ◆ Translation: Sneed hears a tug-of-war is being waged over leadership of the Republican Party in the Democratic bastion of Cook County. ◆ GOP gubernatorial primary winner …