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Drew Peterson's son takes a stand

Updated: September 24, 2012 6:25AM

The Peterson file . . .

Sneed has learned Thomas Peterson, son of accused wife-murderer Drew Peterson — and of Kathleen Savio, the woman Peterson is accused of killing — is taking a legal stand in defense of his father.

In an impassioned letter sent to Sneed, Thomas Peterson wrote:

“My name is Thomas Peterson and I am now 18 years old, I am an adult, I can now make my own decisions, and nobody has the right to speak for me anymore.”

† Translation: Now that he is no longer a minor, Thomas, an honor student at Bolingbrook High School, has signed a document releasing his father from all financial claims arising from the death of his mother: specifically the wrongful death suit filed on his behalf by his aunt and grandfather.

The letter states:

“I am not stupid. I am first in my class at Bolingbrook High School, an Illinois State Scholar, Vice President of the National Honor Society, and have over a 4.7 grade point average — accomplishments higher than what most people would dream of achieving.

“Because I know my father is innocent, I am releasing him from the lawsuit brought by Henry J. Savio and Anna Doman on my behalf while I was a minor.

“Nobody is pulling the wool over my eyes. I know to an absolute 1000% moral certainty that my father Drew Peterson is innocent in the death of my mother Kathleen Savio.

“Do not forget I was with my father the entire weekend that my mother died.

“How Henry J. Savio can sue my father on my behalf is just crazy. I have only met Henry J. Savio once in my entire life, and that was for five seconds at my mother’s funeral.

“Other than that he never ever came to see me, even when my mother was alive. He never called me, never wrote me, never sent me a birthday card, or gift, or a Christmas card or gift; I don’t even know what the man looks like. He should just leave me, my father, my family and my way of life alone. “As to Anna Doman, we had little contact with her while my mother was alive and none after. Anna also never called, wrote, sent a birthday card or gift. Nothing. She too should just do what she did before, and leave us alone.

“People should not say that I am some poor little kid afraid of his father. I have a great life, great friends, a great family, and I am hopefully going on to medical school following my undergraduate studies, hopefully at Harvard because I have the grades and test scores to achieve it. It is my father Drew Peterson that gave me this life.

“He supports me, loves me, and set me on the path to success (I can safely say I would not be where I am now educationally without his constant support and motivation), and I love him. I pray he will be free soon so that he can give the same drive to my brothers and sister that he gave to me, and be back with his family where he belongs.”

† Upshot: Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, tells Sneed he plans to send the document excising Thomas Peterson’s name from the Savio suit to attorneys for the Savio family by Monday. The wrongful death suit was also filed on behalf of Thomas’ brother and Savio’s youngest son, Kristopher, 16. His name is not included in his brother’s document because he is still a minor, Brodsky said.

† Backshot: Although relatives of Savio have said Drew Peterson blocked them from having contact with the children, Brodsky vehemently denies that is true.

† Buckshot: With the exception of Peterson’s eldest son, Eric, all of Peterson’s children live in his Bolingbrook home and are cared for by Stephen Peterson, an Oak Brook police officer who is under suspension for allegedly obstructing the probe into his father’s missing fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

† Background: Kathleen Savio’s 2004 bathtub death was originally classified as an accidental drowning. But after a 2007 exhumation it was reclassified as a homicide and Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, was charged with the murder.

† Foreground: Peterson, who’s been locked up since May 2009, remains in Will County Jail in lieu of $20 million bond.

For more details check out Brodsky’s website,, or search “Joel A. Brodsky, attorney at law” on Facebook.

Rahm ’em . . .

Singer Jeff Tweedy, of Wilco fame, will headline a “low dollar” ($50 to $250 a tickets) fund-raiser for mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel on Jan. 30 at the Park West.

† The flip side: Although tickets to former President Bill Clinton’s rally for Emanuel at the Cultural Center on Tuesday are free and gone already, a private $5,000 a ticket bash with Bubba is also being held there.

Sneedlings . . .

Today’s birthdays: Kate Moss, 37; Albert Pujols, 31; John Carpenter, 63 . . . Monday’s birthdays: Dwyane Wade, 29; Kid Rock, 40; Michelle Obama, 47; Jim Carrey, 49; Muhammad Ali, 69; Newton Minow, 85; Maury Povich, 72; James Earl Jones, 80; Vidal Sassoon, 83, and Betty White, 89.

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