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Golf outing between Boehner and Obama?

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Michael Sneed

Is a new spirit of sharing at hand-

Is a golf outing between President Obama and incoming House Speaker John Boehner, who is touted as a better player, in the offing-

Sneed hears rumbles . . . but now that winter is setting in, where, perchance, might the swing summit take place-

The police blotter . . .

Rumble is Chicago PoliceSupt. Jody Weis, whose improbable retention has become a mayoral election issue, is looking at his next career move.

*The upshot: Sneed hears he'll stay put until his contract is up, on March 1. Then, adios.

*Quit & Cut: Sneed hears approximately 65 police officers, fed up with the Weis regime -- and/or cashing in on free health benefits -- retired recently.

*Cut 'em: Sneed is also told approximately 37 civilian employees of the Police Department were laid off last week.

Fergie fodder . . .

Brit Bits: Headlines may be full of Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton, but a former wife of another prince of England is making news.

*$$$$$: Now comes word Sarah Ferguson, who was once married to Prince Andrew, is this/close to wiping out her personal debt of approximately $8 million in a deal with her creditors, according to Brit wag Richard Kay.

*Backshot: Last May, Fergie made headlines when she accepted $42,000 in exchange for access to her former husband. Fergie, who spends most of her year in the United States, has been working on a project with Oprah.

The letter bin . . .

A sampling of Sneed mail concerning English royals, Sneed's coverage of mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel and the latest legal appeal for the release of former Gov. George Ryan.

"Blimey, who cares about Kate [Middleton] and what she will be called! Me, as a ''commoner,'' thinks the royal family should all go out and find real jobs! Kate included . . . maybe she can work at a teabag factory."

Juan454 wrote:

"Why is your newspaper so intent on anointing Rahm Emanuel the next mayor of Chicago- -

"I believe your newspaper should be much more objective than it has demonstrated thus far in choosing a replacement for Mayor Daley. I am truly disgusted with your bias reporting of his every move as if he is a "rock star."

Finally, why must Michael Sneed use the Sun-Times to work on behalf of Emanuel's campaign- Her constant promotion of him is sickening (this was the subject of a group of us having breakfast last week and overheard by a nearby table who echoed our opinion). ENOUGH OF THE BIASED COVERAGE . . . LET THE PEOPLE OF CHICAGO DECIDE THE ELECTION WITHOUT YOUR NEWSPAPER PUSHING RAHM DOWN OUR THROATS!!!!!!!!!


People of Chicago

"I praise the Ryans for their relationship. Their love is something that not many people get a chance to experience."

Amy S.

"I wish Mrs. Ryan well in her golden years, but . . . We are the makers of our own fate, aren't we- "


Robert S.

Sneedlings . . .

Today's birthdays: Judd Nelson, 51; Ed Harris, 60, and Jon Stewart, 48.