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Cohen's new license plate: D LT GOV!

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Michael Sneed

Plate fate: Failed Dem Gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen has new license plates which read: D LT GOV!

*The upshot: Sneed is told Cohen, who ran for lieutenant governor before pulling out of the race and running for governor, will either affix the plates to his new Cadillac or his 2010 Ford Escape.

*The hotshot: Tan and back from a cruise with his fiancee, Cohen ordered the plates AFTER he won the Dem nomination for Lt. Gov, but BEFORE he pulled out of the race at the behest of Dem party leaders.

Oh oh Oprah!

Pass the toothpick: Tube tsarina Oprah Winfrey was spotted dining with her close pal/colorful drag queen Chilli Pepper at David Flom's new Chicago Cut Steakhouse Friday -- and absolutely eschewed dessert.

*Tab blab: Winfrey, who was also accompanied by her hairdresser, Andre Walker, and chief of staff Libby Moore, dined on an avocado/crab appetizer, Chilean Sea Bass, steak and ordered a $300 bottle of red wine for the table but drank only water. Winfrey picked up the tab . . . and chatted with social scrivener Candace Jordan and fans before exiting.

The Lincoln file . . .

Sneed is told actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who toured the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield last week while preparing for his title role in the film "Lincoln," was dumbfounded when handed a framed piece of fabric smeared with Lincoln's blood.

*To wit: "He was silent and still when handed the fabric, which came from the dress of actress Laura Keene, who was appearing in the Ford's Theatre play Lincoln was attending when he was shot," said museum spokesman David Blanchette. "She had run to the President's box after hearing the shots and laid his head on her billowing dress to act as a cushion."

The Ryan file . . .

She talks to him every night and visits him each weekend; but for a wife whose life expectancy is perilously short, it's not enough time to properly say goodbye to a husband of more than 50 years.

"My health is what it is -- there is nothing I can do about it, but I can still fight for my husband's freedom even if it's hard to breathe," said Lura Lynn Ryan, wife of jailed former Gov. George Ryan, who accompanied her hubby's attorney to federal court Monday hoping to overturn Ryan's conviction.

*A health report: Mrs. Ryan, a victim of a deadly pulmonary fibrosis who is being cared for by her children, rarely leaves her Kankakee home unless it's to visit her husband in prison. She's tethered to "oxygen 24/7 -- even at night."

*A Yule wish: "I keep hoping to have my husband home before Christmas," she told Sneed. "How I miss him and his homemade soup."

*A past note: "George would always ask -- even if they were at the same function together: 'Where's my wife- '" said a source.

"Well, they know where each other is -- but it's nowhere near where they want to be: together."


$$$$: Now comes tittletattle Kate Middleton, who just got engaged to England's Prince William -- a future heir to the throne -- turned down $1,594,700 to appear on ITV's "I'm a Celebrity: Get me Out of Here!" when she and Wills briefly separated in 2007.

Sneedlings . . .

Today's birthdays: Steve Landesberg, 65 and Bruce Hornsby, 56.