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Emanuel creates first Spanish version of mayoral website

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Michael Sneed

The Rahmster race: Rahm Emanuel, who is fast on his feet, got even faster Tuesday when his team created the first Spanish version of a campaign website for Chicago mayor -- beating out Hispanic candidates Gery Chico and Miguel Del Valle.

The Braun beat . . .

Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun detoured from the campaign trail Monday to Criminal Courts for jury duty (she was dismissed) -- then ended the day pleading her case to a coalition of top black leaders seeking to back a consensus mayoral candidate, who will announce their selection of the top two candidates tonight. Rumor is Braun got the nod.

A Meeks memo . . .

Here's a history note for state Sen. James Meeks, a pastor who claims giving up his pulpit at the massive, 22,000 member Salem Baptist Church, is non-negotiable if he were mayor.

*The note: "Bottom line, you can't do both jobs," said former U.S. Congressman Bill Hudnut, a mayor of Indianapolis for 14 years until 1991 --who stepped down from his pulpit as a Presbyterian minister to serve his constituents.

*The buckshot: "It's a mistake to do both because you can confuse church and state. It's a tricky thing, and why run the risk of stepping over the line- God knows there is enough to do as mayor without having to write a sermon, marry people, bury people, baptize kids, run a Sunday school and visit the sick."

* Update: Hudnut, 78, is still an ordained minister, "full of vim and vigor" and author of a book called Minister Mayor.

The Obama Rally . . .

The big $$$ question: Will Dems pay up promptly this time for city services (cops, firemen, sanitation workers) handling the huge Dem rally starring President Obama Saturday at the U. of C.'s Chicago Midway-

* A history note: It took five months for Chicago to recoup the cost of Obama's victory celebration in Grant Park in November 2008.

The Blago Beat . . .

Former first lady Patti Blagojevich posted this Facebook note regarding Sneed's item about her hubby Rod Blagojevich's April 20 trial date also being the same day as Adolf Hitler's birthday and the Columbine shooting: "April 20th is also the day that Apollo 16 landed on the moon and Wrigley Field opened. It is amazing how incredibly biased the media can be."


Ditka Data: Does Mike Ditka dress up for Halloween- "I've been with Mike for 40 years, and he's never dressed up for Halloween," said coach Ditka's wife, Diana. "He just dresses up as himself. That's scary enough," she joked.

Movie matters . . .

*The flick "Contagion," starring Matt Damon, filmed at the Lakeshore Athletic Club near Randolph Street and Stetson Avenue Tuesday.

*Scenes from the film "The Vow," starring actress Rachel McAdams, filmed Tuesday at Millennium Park -- but the crew will only be in town a few days.

I spy . . .

Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel spotted at RL for lunch Monday . . . Top Chef Bobby Flay and his wife, actress Stephanie March, dining at RL Friday night, ditto former teen idol Shaun Cassidy lunching at RL at separate tables . . . Gov. Quinn spotted dining at Harry Caray's Saturday, and at Printers Row Hackney's Monday . . . Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice at Tuscany in Wheeling Friday.

Sneedlings . . .

Today's birthdays: John Cleese, 71; Kelly Osbourne, 26; Marla Maples, 47, and Simon Le Bon, 52.