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Sneed: Double heartache for mother of teen terror suspect

Updated: October 19, 2012 6:20AM

The bomb file . . .

It’s a tragedy.

Sneed is told the mother of Adel Daoud, 18, the suburban man arrested Friday for allegedly attempting to destroy a building in an act of Islamic jihad, has a double nightmare on her hands.

“She was in Egypt tending to a dying mother and subsequent funeral, when her son was arrested,” said Daoud’s attorney, Thomas Durkin. “The family waited until Monday to tell her. And the boy’s father broke down twice into tears today. This is a tragedy.”

Daoud, who was been described as “socially awkward,” “immature” and “slow,” reportedly targeted a downtown bar because it sold alcohol, which devout Muslims do not drink.

Durkin is aghast at his client’s arrest and what he perceives as entrapment by an aggressive FBI agent who reportedly had to teach his client how to make a bomb.

“I only hope they place him in isolation at the MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Center,] because it’s my belief that anyone Muslim involved in a terrorism case winds up in a shoe,” in danger, Durkin told Sneed.

Sneed is told the FBI did not hold a press conference to announce the arrest — but sent out a press release instead — indicating the story may not have warranted the play it got in the media.

A police source claims Daoud reportedly stated on the Internet he belonged to a “cell,” but that turned out not to be true. Daoud’s parents are Palestinians who came to the U.S. from Egypt.

I spy . . .

Former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald looking very much like a man going places . . . as well as a power meeting at the Chicago Club on Monday . . . and telling Sneed there was nothing to report yet on what he’s up to next.

But, whoa, wasn’t it ironic former U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner was spotted nearby?

First up!

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael McDowell, a military resident of Arizona, is the first Chicagoan to cast a ballot in the upcoming presidential election.

Tweet ’em . . .

Tweets from the cranium of reality TV starlet Kristin Cavallari, the mother of Chicago Bear Jay Culter’s baby son.

◆15 SEPTEMBER: Still need to work on my potty mouth . . . swearing just comes so naturally to me

◆14 SEPTEMBER: I made wild mushroom and asparagus risotto, scallops, and a salad for dinner. Pretty proud of the risotto :)

◆14 SEPTEMBER: Leaving 2 of my fav places . . . bed bath and beyond and baby gap. The Halloween PJs at baby gap are insane how cute they are

The strike saga . . .

Hmmmm: Did the teachers strike become a devotion dilemma Monday?

◆Consider: Mayor Rahm Emanuel is Jewish and chose to work Monday on the Jewish new year celebration of Rosh Hashana. Sneed is told he attended synagogue services early Monday morning.

◆ Consider: Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis also is Jewish and chose not to carry out any CTU duties on Rosh Hashana. Observant Jews would not normally work until the second holiest period in the Jewish calendar ends, at sundown Tuesday.

◆Hmmm: Did the Jewish holiday factor into the CTU decision to extend the strike? (Lewis was spotted wearing a Jewish “Chai” life symbol on a necklace as she headed into negotiations on Thursday.)

Just asking.

Topless twaddle

Well, I’ll be gobsmacked: Or at least Kate Middleton, a k a the duchess of Cambridge, should have been when she and hubby Prince William were greeted by a bare-chested tribal woman during a royal tour of the Solomon Islands this weekend.

◆Backshot: The topless tribal greeting followed in the wake of topless photos of Kate vacationing in a French chateau, which went viral last week — and has the royal family in a kerfuffle.

◆Backpat: Sarah Ferguson, the duchess of York, who was photographed with her toes being sucked by an American businessman when she was married to randy Prince Andy years ago — has weighed in on the sympathy vote for Kate. Isn’t that a relief.

It’s not easy being Green!

Sneed is told the Green Party got the green needle Monday, when Illinois election officials denied their late, late, late request to certify a new ballot bearing the name of a new veep candidate.

Sneedlings . . .

Obamarama: Wallet words: First lady Michelle Obama hits town Sept. 27 to fatten her hubby’s campaign chest at a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council fund-raiser tossed by mega millionaire Fred Eychaner at his home. . . . Tuesday’s birthdays: Fred Willard, 58; Ryne Sandberg, 53; Jerry Berliant, ageless, and James Gandolfini, 51.

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