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Pride Parade, gay rights roll on despite tire slashing

Updated: October 16, 2011 12:18AM

Sometime in the late hours of Saturday night or the early hours of Sunday morning, a person or persons punctured the tires on floats for Chicago’s 42nd Annual Pride Parade.

The floats were housed at Associated Attractions at 4834 S. Halsted. Given that the vandals didn’t damage any other property and didn’t steal anything, it’s reasonable to assume the Pride Parade floats were specifically targeted.

“They didn’t want these folks to go out,” said Chuck Huser, the owner of the float provider.

Sunday morning, Huser and crew worked to repair the tires — but even if the floats hadn’t been fixed, the parade would have gone on as scheduled.

“We don’t need floats to have a great parade,” said state Rep. Kelly Cassidy (14th District). “The Grinch can’t steal the pride parade.”

Roll, Pride, roll

Just a day before the incident in Chicago, the New York state Senate voted to legalize gay marriage.

On the Gay Rights Scoreboard, I’d say the New York vote trumps the Chicago vandalism by the slaughter rule.

As of this writing, the state of New York still stands, despite this ruling. God has not reached down from the heavens to smite New Yorkers. Marriages between men and women were no weaker or stronger than they’d been the day before. Those who don’t believe in gay marriage were still allowed to hold those beliefs. Not one of their individual rights will be the least bit threatened by the fact that some of the gay couples around them might soon be legally married.

Yet there was Michele Bachmann on the Fox News Channel on Sunday morning, saying that while it’s up to the states to determine whether to permit same-sex marriage, if she were president, she would push for a constitutional amendment that would override state law and outlaw gay weddings.

“After all, the family is the fundamental unit of government,” said Bachmann.

Fine. But why can’t the family consist of two women and their children? Two men and no children?

(This is usually when some anti-gay types weigh in with, “So I guess you’re also fine with a man marrying a dog, too?” For some reason, some folks believe accepting homosexuality in this country is the gateway to accepting bestiality. That’s an interesting mindset right there.)

And here I thought Bachmann wanted big government to stay out of the private lives of United States citizens. Guess that viewpoint changes when she personally disapproves of the behavior of the millions of Americans in same-sex relationships.

Those opposed to gay marriage often resort to “the way it’s always been” argument. Marriage “has always been between a man and a woman.”

Yes, and up to the late 19th century in this country, one could have argued that slavery “has always been the way.” And up until 1920, men could have argued that women have never been allowed to vote, and that’s always been the way.

“Always been the way” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always been the right way.

We are family

Opponents of gay marriage seem to feel it will tear at the fabric of the Constitution and weaken the American family dynamic.

How? If Neil Patrick Harris and his male fiance of five years can now finally get a piece of paper from the state of New York saying they’re married, how in God’s name does that affect YOUR family? Neil’s not going to recruit your kids to join Gay Nation. He’s just gonna entertain the heck out of you by hosting all those awards shows. He doesn’t want to tamper with your life. He just doesn’t want you to tell him what to do with his life.

Isn’t that what makes America so great?

The haters can slash the parade float tires, the far-right candidate can make noise about a constitutional amendment that is utterly un-American.

But pride rolls on.

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