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Shaun Gayle should bear some responsibility for woman’s death

Updated: September 24, 2012 6:25AM

It is too bad that Shaun Gayle can’t be charged with something in the murder of his girlfriend Rhoni Reuter and the couple’s unborn child.

Marni Yang is currently on trial for allegedly shooting Reuter at her Deerfield home.

This is not an attempt to diminish Yang’s responsibility for Reuter’s death if she is found guilty.

But Gayle should bear some responsibility for the doggish behavior that led to this tragedy.

When Gayle initially was questioned about his relationship with Yang, a real estate agent who helped Gayle with real estate deals, he denied having more than a business relationship with the woman to the media.

I always thought Gayle was being less than honest about the relationship.

Because in order to believe that Yang killed Reuter in a fit of jealousy, and also believe Gayle’s contention that he had no romantic involvement with Yang, you would have to believe that Yang was delusional or bonkers.

Casual sex for him, but not for her

On Tuesday, Gayle testified that he had a casual sexual relationship with the woman, and confirmed that the night before the pregnant Reuter was killed, he had sex with her rival.

Sexual triangles always pose a risk for great harm because some women (and men) will go to great lengths to dispose of their rivals. We’ve seen too many instances in which the matter is settled by violence.

But this was the first time that I’d heard of a woman killing another woman over the affections of a man she had absolutely no sexual relationship with whatsoever.

Worse yet, defense lawyers claim that Gayle was seeing 18 or 19 different women at the time he was involved with Reuter.

I cringe just thinking of Reuter’s parents in that courtroom.

It is horrible enough to tragically lose a daughter and an unborn grandchild in this way, but to know that the man who was at the root of this tragedy was alleged to be in intimate relationships with so many women must cut them to their core.

We raise our daughters knowing that one day we will have to let them go to make their own decisions. And we hope and pray that when our daughters fall in love with a man, it will be a man worthy of their affections.

There is no way that any parent could sit through this trial and walk away believing that Reuter had invested her trust wisely.

Like I said, if Yang is convicted of this horrible crime, she and she alone must pay for the murder.

But Gayle, and men like him who abuse the affections of weak-minded women to feed their egos, are also guilty. They are guilty of deceit.

Shame on you, Shaun

I won’t pretend to know about the lives of superstar athletes. I imagine that women throw sex at them all the time. For a man like Gayle, who left professional sports and stardom decades ago, it must be pretty exciting to still have that kind of attention.

Obviously, the women who seek out these men have their own issues.

According to prosecutors, Yang tried to dispose of Gayle’s sexual partners by sending them letters exposing his relationships with other women. Such a letter apparently was among Reuter’s possessions after her murder.

Everything revealed so far in court about Yang makes her look like a desperate woman who would have done anything to have Gayle all to herself.

Whether or not an obsession with Gayle drove Yang to gun down Reuter is left to a jury to decide.

But as far as I’m concerned, Gayle’s behavior toward the victim of this crime was so despicable, he should hang his head in shame.

He has been given much in this life.

The least he could have done was ensure that his actions weren’t sending the message to a new generation of athletes that when you are a “baller” anything goes.

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