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Honorable mention for local professor in Palin's new book

Sarah Palin may not think much of Kenwood's most famous resident -- President Obama -- but she strongly supports the ideas of Hyde Park economist Luigi Zingales in America By Heart, her second book.

Palin cites Zingales, a University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor, as a champion of the type of free market principles she supports.

"Professor Zingales makes the crucial point that there is a difference between being pro-market and being pro-business," Palin writes. "Both political parties are at fault in failing to acknowledge this distinction."

Zingales said Tuesday, when Palin's book debuted, that she had accurately captured his theory.

"I'm impressed that she knows me because I'm not sort of a national figure and somebody on the front page of magazines all the time," he said. "Not only that she knows my name but she seems to have gotten my ideas right seems remarkable."

Zingales had no idea he would be mentioned and quoted in the book, which follows Palin's best-selling Going Rogue.

"I sort of am about ideas, not making money out of ideas," he said. "If that promotes my idea I'm happy. . . . When you are an academic you spend most of your time writing to change the world and nobody notices."

Palin also mentions the late Nobel Prize-winning U. of C. economics professor Milton Friedman in the same chapter.

"I wish [Friedman] and his wife, Rose, were still with us today to defend free market principles from the likes of [documentary filmmaker] Michael Moore," she writes, saying Moore's films depict capitalists as "greedy and self-interested."