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Woman sues Westmont man who taped nude ESPN reporter

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An investigation found former Chicago School Board President Michael Scott (right) and his predecessor dined at upscale restaurants on the taxpayers' dime.

A Tennessee woman is suing the man who secretly recorded ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude through a hotel peephole, claiming the Westmont man did the same thing to her.

Jamie Brubaker, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tennessee last week, said she was identified in videos the FBI seized from convicted stalker Michael David Barrett after his arrest in the Andrews case.

Using Brubaker's drivers license photo, the FBI was able to establish her identity, her lawsuit said.

One video shows Brubaker "unclothed and putting on her makeup in her hotel room" and has been distributed online in Europe, according to the lawsuit.

Brubaker "was immediately sickened with the need to vomit and could not control her crying at the [sight] of the videos," her lawsuit says.

Barrett, 48, was sentenced to two years in prison in March after pleading guilty to the interstate stalking of Andrews.

"You violated me and you violated all women," Andrews told Barrett at his March sentencing. "You are a sexual predator, a sexual deviant and they should lock you up."

Barrett admitted renting hotel rooms next to Andrews three times and shooting two videos of her while she was naked. He was accused of posting the videos online and trying to sell them to Los Angeles-based celebrity gossip site TMZ last year.

Brubaker's lawsuit alleges similar conduct.

In 2007, Brubaker and Barrett -- co-workers at the time at Combined Insurance Company of America in Glenview -- attended training seminars around the country, staying at the same hotels, according to her lawsuit.

Brubaker at the time was a saleswoman. Barrett was her direct supervisor, her lawsuit alleges. He has since been fired.

Although Brubaker usually had a roommate, she began noticing in July or August of 2007 that she was being booked into rooms without roommates -- and in a separate section of the hotel from co-workers.

In March 2009 -- seven months before Barrett was arrested for illegally taping Andrews -- Brubaker was also booked into the room on the same floor as Barrett, according to her lawsuit.

In May, Brubaker met with the FBI and was shown the videos, according to her lawsuit. FBI spokesman Ross Rice said agents interviewed many people after discovering additional videos of women.

Contributing: Natasha Korecki