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Daughter of woman slain in crack binge sues killer

The daughter of a woman slain in a crack binge killing has filed a lawsuit against the man who took her life.

Ashli Hite filed the wrongful-death suit late last month against the man who not only gunned down her mother, La Deana Hite, but also tried to shoot Ashli.

The killer, Anthony Matthews, 47, also wounded La Deana Hite's friend in the same December 2008 shooting spree just south of Joliet. The friend, Jeanette Morgan, was shot in the stomach but survived to testify.

Matthews, La Deana Hite and Morgan were smoking crack in Hite's Champlain Street house when Matthews accused the women of stealing his drugs.

La Deana Hite rushed into her daughter's bedroom while Matthews shot Morgan in the stomach. He then kicked in the bedroom door and gunned down Hite while her daughter watched. Hite's daughter fled after Matthews left her bedroom when he couldn't get his gun to fire.

Matthews was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to 68 years in prison in September.

Joe Hosey