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3-legged dog saves his owner from fire

A Grayslake man's three-legged dog is being credited with saving its owner from a house fire.

"Mr. B," a beagle, went "crazy" Monday morning, said its owner, Grayslake Central High School varsity baseball coach Troy Whalen.

Whalen was on a conference call in the basement when Mr. B "started making noise and barking annoyingly," Whalen said. As the dog barked, he also heard a thump and glass shatter.

"I thought someone was breaking into the house," he said.

Whalen didn't smell smoke at first, but when he rounded a corner to the first-floor family room, "flames were just blowing through the window," he said. At first he tried to smother the fire with a blanket, but then realized it was too big. He called 911.

Frank Abderholden, News-Sun