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Cashing in on AKA-

As president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Barbara A. McKinzie allegedly received:

?$35,000 in gift purchases.

?$7,400 payment for "Sweat equity."

?Reimbursement for cash tips totalling $5,201.

?$1,485 reimbursement for an installation formal (dress) for second quarter 2008.

?Sunglasses reimbursement of $381.50

?Two purchases for woman's clothing at Lula's Closet in Mouton, Ala., totalling $1,225.

?$315 for a jacket bought while at a sorority conference in Anchorage in May 2008. The coding for the item read "Jacket -- cool weather."

?Three purchases of panties in June 2008 totaling $379.

?Eight dinner charges totaling $14,033. One dinner for two totaled $582. Another, for eight, totaled $1,583.

?$9,344 in entertainment.

?$3,500 in payments to the Illinois CPA Foundation billed as tickets/tours.

?More than $13,000 in home and cell phone bills.