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Buffalo Grove boy doesn't like dinner, calls 911

A 10-year-old northwest suburban boy didn't like the dinner his father cooked for him - so he called police.

About 7 p.m. last Thursday, Buffalo Grove police got a hang-up call to 911. A police officer went to the home to investigate.

The boy "stated that the food was edible but that he wanted something more to his liking,'' a police statement said. The food, though, wasn't the kid's only beef. The father and son "were having a disagreement about being disrespectful,'' said police Cmdr. Steve Husak. That included the son "not being particularly thrilled with what was being served for dinner" but also other concerns, Husak said.

The officer talked to the boy about the need to follow house rules and when it's appropriate to call police, Husak said.

Last November Buffalo Grove police received another 911 hang-up call - this one from a 15-year-old boy upset that his parents had taken away his Xbox game system. The teen wanted to know if it was legal for his parents to confiscate his stuff. Officers told the kid to listen to his parents.

Stefano Esposito