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$30M- Feds rip Blago lawyers on cost of retrial

Prosecutors in Rod Blagojevich's case Thursday attacked statements made by the former governor's lawyers, calling them "offensive" and "misleading."

In a 34-page filing Thursday, prosecutors said Sam Adam Jr. and Sam Adam Sr. made statements to the media that included made-up numbers and outright lies, all in an effort to speak to the next jury. Blagojevich was convicted of just one count -- lying to the FBI. He faces retrial on 23 other counts next year.

The filing takes the Adams to task, saying they made up numbers, telling TV crews a retrial would cost the government up to $30 million.

Prosecutors say that sum nearly equals the annual budget of the U.S. attorney's office, including rent, civil cases and salaries and expenses of more than 150 non-Blagojevich prosecutors.

"The defense's estimated cost of retrial is preposterous," prosecutors wrote.

They also responded to the Adams' and Blagojevich's on-air statements that prosecutors should turn their efforts to drug dealers and gang-bangers, saying it was just a way that the ex-governor deflected guilt.

"The notion that the government should forego prosecution of a corrupt ex-governor is offensive to any sense of justice," prosecutors wrote. The Adams, who could not be reached for comment, have withdrawn as Blagojevich's attorneys.