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Video shows Cicero’s Larry Dominick like you’ve never seen him before

Updated: September 19, 2013 9:34AM

He says he’s not involved with the mob.

He’s heard “rumors” the FBI has investigated him.

He’s a Cubs fan.

He doesn’t drink and he hardly swears.

And if your family member needs a job, he won’t make any promises. He’ll just “see what I can do.”

He’s Larry Dominick, and when it comes to the Town of Cicero, he’s “everyone’s boss.”

The three-term president of the hardscrabble west suburban town makes those comments and myriad others in a pair of marathon video depositions taken in 2009 and obtained by the Sun-Times.

In less than two years the town has settled two harassment lawsuits naming Dominick for more than $1.1 million.

The video depositions offer a rare glimpse into the larger-than-life Cicero politician who normally shies away from the press. He laughs during some questioning, every once in a while it appears that he’s winking and he often looks at his cell phone. But otherwise he submits himself to nearly 12 hours of sworn testimony.

Dominick often appears to be amused at some of the questions, but a town spokesman, Ray Hanania, said late Friday that Dominick took the depositions seriously.

“President Dominick is not laughing at the matters, but rather at the false nature and implications of many of the questions,” Hanania wrote in an email.

Dominick answers questions about political retaliation, cites an email address revealing he’s “cubkrazy,” and says he has a “wannabe” bodyguard. He also talks about the long hours he spends doing the town’s business and denies he’s ever sexually harassed anyone.

Dominick’s devotion to the women in his family is evident when he’s asked if he’s ever spread rumors. Dominick interrupts the attorney, Dana Kurtz.

“If I say something, it’s in retaliation to the way they treat my wife,” Dominick says, his eyes narrowing.“They call my wife a whore, they call my wife a drunk, they . . . say things about my mother. They can say anything they want about me, but don’t include my wife or my mother.”

Dominick, for the most part, is the only person who appears on camera. But no love is lost as his attorneys spar with Kurtz off-screen. Kurtz declined to comment when reached by the Sun-Times.

When Dominick is asked by Kurtz, the plaintiff’s attorney, “Were you ever involved in organized crime?” he answers “no” without hesitation. But then his attorney jumps in and threatens to end the deposition.

The attorneys for Dominick and the town repeatedly accuse Kurtz of trying to embarrass, harass and intimidate the town president. At one point, Kurtz asks Dominick if he feels intimidated by her.

“Not me,” Dominick tells her flatly. “I don’t care.”

But Dominick does tell Kurtz she’s insulted him when Kurtz asks him if town attorney Michael Del Galdo “runs the town.”

“Never,” Dominick replies.

In another session, Kurtz questions Dominick about the chain of command.

“I’m everyone’s boss,” Dominick says.

But at another point, Kurtz finds herself asking Dominick if he’s ever been disciplined.

“No, except by my mom,” he says, pausing then chuckling.

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