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Cook County Sheriff: Frederick Collins

Political affiliation: Conservative African-American Republican

City: Chicago

Marital status: Single

Occupation/Firm name: Chicago Police Officer (highly decorated)

Campaign HQ address: 710 N. Rockwell, 1st floor, Chicago, IL 60622

Campaign website:

What is your campaign budget-   The budget is continually expanding

If elected, what would be your immediate priorities in office- My first priority when I become the new sheriff would be to undertake efforts to help eradicate the ever-growing crime problems that are afflicting so many communities within Cook County. There is a significant amount of patronage appointees within the sheriff's office, which creates a top heavy administration (with too many chiefs and not enough officers on the street). Therefore, with the help of several selected close advisers, it is my plan to re-organize the sheriff's department to convert many of these patronage appointee positions into additional sheriff deputy jobs at no further cost to the taxpayers, so that there will be more officers on the street to combat the crimes.

At the present time, the current sheriff is doing what he can to capture free attention in the press lately (at no cost to his campaign) by setting up prostitution stings with undercover female officers to arrest Johns. The questions that arise to these efforts is why he is doing it now near the end of his 4 year term as sheriff and why isn't he doing more to attack the more violent crime that is plaguing so many areas within the County of Cook, especially among our young innocent children together with the elderly-

The current incumbent Democrat sheriff, Tom Dart, has already gone on record in the press within the recent past that he was interested in seeking to be Mayor of Chicago, if Mayor Daley decided not to run again for mayor. Mayor Daley just announced he will not seek another term as mayor, so how serious is Sheriff Dart to serve the interests of Cook County as sheriff, when he will now undoubtedly start campaigning to run for mayor- Mr. Dart will need to secure at least 12,500 petition signatures within the next two months (he will need many more than that minimum figure in order to overcome any attempt by his opponents from challenging any of those signatures). Then he will be running in a mayoral primary this coming February with many expected challengers, so if he doesn't get at least 50% of the votes, which is almost a sure bet, then he will have another run-off election in April if he is among the two top candidates in the vote tally.

Now that overcrowding is no longer an issue at the Cook County Jail, how would you find ways to save money for taxpayers- The main reason why overcrowding is no longer a pressing issue at the Cook County Jail is due to the fact that Sheriff Dart had transferred a number of prisoners from the Cook County Jail to jails in other counties throughout Illinois, which these other counties are charging to the taxpayers of Cook County. The costs for housing the Cook County prisoners include not only a daily fee for staying at their jails, but they also charge Cook County for medical services they might require, along with any special meals that might have to be served to them. It should be noted that it is burdensome on the families of these accused prisoners (some of whom may be innocent of the charges) to have to travel further to see these prisoners.

In addition to converting many of the patronage appointee positions to sheriff's officers on the street without raising any further taxes, it should be noted that some of these officers could be utilized to serve as jail guards as well (to put Cook County in compliance with the federal mandates in connection with its jail system). It has been publicized in the press in the recent past that the current sheriff had gone to the Cook County Board to seek authorization for the hiring of additional jail guards for the jail system, which is actually putting more employees on an already bloated payroll system. Under the current sheriff's plan, taxes will be raised by hiring more employees without reducing any superfluous positions.

Another area where we can save money to the taxpayers is to fully comply with the federal law, which the current sheriff refuses to do by creating a sanctuary haven for illegal aliens in the Cook County Jail system. When I become sheriff, it will be my intention to fully comply with the federal law and turn over all such illegal aliens, which represents a significant portion of the prison population, over to ICE, so that these illegal aliens can be deported to their home countries, which will save the taxpayers additional funds.

Many folks do no realize that the vast majority of contracts that the sheriff's office possesses with outside vendors involve "no-bid" contracts, which has the appearance of these contracts awarded on the buddy system. Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent in this fashion. For instance, the county already has a vehicle maintenance division to maintain the sheriff's cars, but the sheriff's office is spending millions of dollars to an outside vendor for vehicle maintenance. As a true fiscal conservative, I feel it would be my fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers to uphold their hard earned tax money in greater regard than my own personal finances, so therefore, it would be my intent to eliminate all such "no-bid" contracts once they expire, so that a fair and equitable bidding process can be undertaken to all legitimate potential vendors. The awarding of the contracts to the lowest qualified bidder then would be a savings to the taxpayers. Additionally, any contracts to vendors that would be deemed unnecessary and an undue waste to the taxpayers would be eliminated for additional savings.

Politicians who engage in fraud and corruption cost taxpayers unnecessary tax dollars. A writer for the Sun-Times, Dick Simpson, a UIC Political Science Professor, wrote an article two years ago that Cook County is the most corrupt county in the entire country. He mentioned that he hired truck scandal cost the taxpayers $40,000,000. The citizens should demand that the chief law enforcement officer in the county, the sheriff, should do a much better job in the investigation of such fraud and corruption activity and as sheriff, I will make it a point to do so.

Complaints about civil-rights violations by jail guards have surfaced in the past. Have enough steps been taken to resolve that issue- In my opinion, civil-rights violations are not only an infringement of the rights of the inmates, but also these violations involve a significant amount of time and effort to defend. The county is, in essence, a self-insured entity, so not only does the county have to provide a monetary funding for a defense to any civil litigation filed by these inmates (arising out of the civil-rights complaints), but it also would have to pay for any out-of-court settlements along with any adverse verdicts rendered against the county, that would all have to be paid by the taxpayers. Providing security cameras would help curb any civil-rights complaints, especially those that are unfounded that are filed by the inmates (to help prove no violations occurred) and also, the cameras would prevent the guards from being potentially too overzealous toward the inmates.

The sheriff's office just lost a harassment/discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee that cost the sheriff's office $4,000,000, so it is not just the inmates that file such suits. There must be accountability within the department for these types of actions, or Cook County taxpayers will continue to pay out millions more in the future in regard to similar such lawsuits, that can be completely avoided.

I have developed extensive plans to help increase effective leadership, boost morale among the employees and create more efficient training programs to help the sheriff's office vastly improve in many categories. I will elaborate on these detailed plans once I am formally interviewed by the editorial staff of the Sun-Times.

As the amount of unincorporated area in the county declines over time, what is the future role of the Cook County Sheriff's Police- In these dire economically depressed times, many municipalities are finding their revenues shrinking at an alarming rate and they are finding it extremely difficult to pay their own employees. The sheriff's office is already providing policing efforts in Ford Heights, IL and a number of municipalities such as Sauk Village and Worth to name a few are already looking to abandon their police forces and instead rely upon the sheriff's office for police protection. This creates a significant burden upon the sheriff's office, which must find ways to expand their operations (this makes it even more important for the sheriff's office to add more deputies to patrol the streets by re-organizing their department without raising taxes as discussed earlier).

Another area where the the sheriff's police can help the community would be to provide a high quality of life for the citizens of the county and to help spur the prosperity of the area. In doing so, it would be the expectation that the businesses and residents that have fled Cook County in the past will return to the area to help re-vitalize the county.

Should private process servers be allowed to handle foreclosure cases or should that be done exclusively by the county-

A determination will be made if a quasi public/private partnership can be established for the process of serving summonses in regard to foreclosure cases. Such a partnership would have to be approved by the Cook County Board before it could be implemented and if approved, the sheriff should be in charge with full powers of the entire program.

If elected or re-elected, would you prohibit members of your government staff from contributing to your campaign- Explain.

I feel it would be an injustice to accept any campaign contributions from employees of the sheriff's office if I was running for re-election as sheriff, since it would have the appearance of impropriety. If any candidate engages in such practices, there would be an expectation of those who did contribute to the campaign to secure special favors in return from the sheriff upon his re-election (to the detriment to those employees which did not contribute), which would be an injustice.

What ethics measures have you sponsored or voted for in the past- If elected or re-elected, what new ethics reforms would you support- As sheriff, I will undertake measures to make the Office of Sheriff transparent. We will show the taxpayers how their taxpayer funds are allocated.

Additionally, I will eliminate the no-bid contracts to all outside vendors, so that the fair and equitable practice of opening the bidding process to all legitimate vendors can be undertaken to award such contracts to the lowest bidder, which will save much taxpayer funds. Also, I'll refuse accepting any campaign funding from my employees of the sheriff's office once I become sheriff.

List your educational backgroundWilliam H. Brown Elementary School

Chicago, IL June 1984

Richard T. Crane

Sept. 1984--June 1988

Harold Washington Community College

Sept. 1993--1995

Lewis University

Sept. 2004--2007

Please list civic, professional, fraternal or other organizations to which you belongMentor at the local Chicago Boys and Girls Club;

Volunteer to the elderly and disabled living facilities in my community;

Active Member of the Rainbow Push Coalition;

Active Member of the Coalition of African American Leaders;

International Member (for 16 years) of the Free and Accepted Modern Mason & Eastern Stars;

Active Member of the Chicago Young Republicans;

Active Member of the National Rifle Association;

Active Member of the Illinois State Rifle Association;

Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars--2005;

An active church member of the Open Door Apostolic Church

Have you held elective or appointive political office or been employed by any branch of government-

I am currently employed as a Chicago Police Office for the past 17 years. I have never held any elected public office in the past.

Please list jobs or contracts you, members of your immediate family or business partners have had with government.

Other than being a third generation police officer in my family, there are no contracts that any of my family members (or myself) had or have with the government.

Name your five biggest campaign contributors and the amount they contributed

Please refer to my D2 filings for further information that is a public record.

Please paste a brief biography here Fredrick Collins was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago by loving parents who instilled in him American values of truth, justice, and the respect for his fellow man. From these humble beginnings, Frederick's desire was to one day live out the legacy of the two generations before him and serve as a Chicago police officer. Frederick practices his values as a highly respected police officer through his diligent work as a public servant. Frederick continues to be an active church member of the Open Door Apostolic Church, and also volunteers as a mentor at his local Boys and Girls Club. His compassion for the community leads him to serve whenever and wherever he can. Frederick lives by his motto, "if there is a need, help is on the way."

Frederick Collins has a stellar record of unwavering courage with 17 years of dedicated service as a Chicago police officer. He is a committed father of two and a leader in his community. His passion for justice is proven through his relentless efforts to protect the rights of the people at all cost. Frederick Collins is a believer in our great nation's constitution. He is committed to serving the people of Cook County by protecting and preserving their rights as citizens of the United States of America. Frederick is a strong proponent of the second amendment that supports the right of every law abiding citizen to bear arms. He has high regard and respect for the entire constitution which protects such rights. Frederick Collins is committed to taking back our communities from the gangs and violence that has left many of us in fear. His dedication to reform Cook County includes eliminating patronage hiring, machine run politics controlled by the Democrats, and wasteful spending of the Cook County Sheriff's budget.

Frederick Collin's is most importantly a dedicated father. His loving relationship with his two children gives him knowledge and insight on parenting in today's society. Frederick remains faithfully involved in his children's lives. Frederick Collins instills in his children the same American values that were once instilled in him, preparing the next generation to serve with truth, justice, and respect for their fellow man. #Comments_Container, #Comments_Container1,#commentsonly,.StoryInteract{display:none;}