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Hultgren defeats Foster in 14th District

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Before the results come in, Randy Hultgren shakes hands with supporters at Riveside Receptions in Geneva on Tuesday.

Republican state Sen. Randy Hultgren declared victory over Rep. Bill Foster, reclaiming a long-time GOP seat that was formerly held by GOP stalwart and Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert.

With 75 percent of the district's precincts reporting, Hultgren collected about 51 percent of the vote while Foster lagged with 45 percent. The district runs from DuPage County west almost to the Mississippi River.

Foster conceded victory to Hultgren, who pounded the 55-year-old for supporting the president's health-care legislation, accusing him in ads of supporting "$525 billion in job-killing tax hikes."

Foster, who was backed by 31 Nobel Prize winners, thanks to his prior work at Fermilab, attacked Hultgren's financial advice company, contending it used government money to set up an overseas hedge fund - a charge Hultgren called a lie in his advertising.

"Our victory tonight was a testament to our American resolve for freedom, entrepreneurship, limited government, low taxes and economic growth,'' Hultgren said.