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President Obama must realize that all that golfing looks bad

Updated: September 29, 2011 12:41AM

To the avid golfers out there:

How many times have you hit the links in the last year? Ten? Twenty? Thirty?

I’m not much of a golfer — I get too frustrated when that damn windmill kicks the ball away — but I’m thinking that if you can find the time to go golfing 20 or 30 times in a given year, that’s a pretty serious hobby. Takes up like half your day, right?

From Sunday’s White House pool report: “POTUS has returned from a couple of nights at Camp David for a game of golf . . .”

Hardly an unusual activity for President Barack Obama. According to Mark Knoller of CBS, Obama played 28 rounds of golf in 2009 and 30 rounds in 2010. If he keeps up this pace throughout his presidency, he’ll be past the 100 mark by the end of his first term.

It’s always tricky when you’re talking presidential vacations. Whether it’s George W. Bush clearing brush at his Texas ranch, Ronald Reagan horseback riding in Santa Barbara or Bill Clinton sailing on Martha’s Vineyard, the critics will say the president is vacationing too much, while the supporters will say that even while “on vacation,” the Prez is never really off the clock. While Obama has actually taken fewer vacation days than his predecessor, it’s impossible to say who put in more working hours on those days off.

That said, more than a few of Obama’s golf outings have made him seem tone deaf to one crisis or another. It’s one thing if there’s a photo op of the president shooting hoops or engaging in some other form of exercise — but there’s something so . . . leisurely about golf. Whether you’re out there hacking away or you have a three handicap, the clothes you wear and the lush surroundings and the nature of the game itself make it seem as if you’re strolling through your day without a care in the world.

For image reasons alone, it might behoove the president to put away the clubs until after he’s out of office.

No rehabbing Weiner’s image

When Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) met the press last week to confess his Twitter sins, he steadfastly refused to resign. Embarrassing as Weiner’s antics were, he maintained no laws were broken and he hoped to put the scandal behind him and get on with the business of representing the good people of Brooklyn and Queens.

Watching the circus, one couldn’t help but draw two conclusions:

A. Weiner’s gonna have to resign.

B. His marriage probably won’t survive.

One could argue that other politicians have survived equally salacious scandals — but how much time will have to pass before the talk show hosts and the bloggers aren’t using Weiner as their go-to punch line? (When Weiner picked up his laundry last Saturday, there might not have been a single news organization on the planet that could resist a “dirty laundry” segue.) I mean, come on — somewhere Charlie Sheen should be logging onto and picking out the biggest “THANK YOU!” basket available to send to Weiner.

Saturday it was announced Weiner was entering a rehab facility.

“Congressman Weiner departed . . . to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and a healthier person,” said his spokeswoman.

They have rehab for that? Who knew?

His spokeswoman continued: “He will request a short leave of absence from the House of Representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well.”

Sincere wishes for a speedy, um, recovery. But when Weiner returns, he’ll find a waiting media mob that’s as rabid as ever. There’s no mass rehab for a voracious press, especially when there’s material such as this Weiner Tweet: “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape s---.”

Sounds as if the guy has a superhero complex. Weinerman!

As for Weiner’s marriage, if he and his pregnant wife can work through this, good for them. But is anyone going to be surprised if in six weeks or six months there’s an announcement of a separation?

Wherever Weiner is rehabbing and whatever that entails, somewhere deep down he’s got be lamenting the day someone explained to him why he just had to get a Twitter account.

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