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How to capitalize on post-recession employee turnover

"I quit!" Those two words, which you may not have heard much since the Great Recession began, could be poised for a comeback. In October, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the number of employees voluntarily quitting their jobs had eclipsed the number terminated …

Short-term job strategies for long-term success

As the economy continues to look for solid footing in the second half of 2011, job seekers everywhere continue to look for signs of improvement in the labor market. The good news is that even in a market with a stubbornly high national unemployment rate, …

Six Considerations: Should you hire the overqualified candidate?

Economists say the economy is picking up, but for many job seekers times are still very tough. As a result, employers are receiving resumes from people who by all measure are over qualified for the positions they offer. We all want to upgrade the level …

Women Leaders in the Workplace: The 21st Century

It has been widely reported that for the first time in history, women are less than a percentage point away from making up the majority of the national workforce. The economic downturn has hit men harder. They held nearly 80 percent of jobs that have …

5 Ways to Negotiate with an Employee Who has a Better Offer

When you have a truly great employee, there's always the risk that someone else will figure that out and try to hire him or her away from your company. There may come a day when your employee comes to you with the plan to resign, …

Make Seasonal Hiring Easier and More Efficient

Any season may be the season of your discontent -- if you don't take care to source, hire and onboard seasonal workers who represent the best that your business has to offer. Many pitfalls plague employers that must supplement their full-time staff for the summer, …

2011 Health Care Trends: Home health care hiring and more

How will 2011 healthcare recruitment differ from 2010 healthcare hiring trends? And what will be the healthcare staffing trends?  As the economic recovery gains steam and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is deliberated in Washington, 2011 healthcare recruiting will ramp up, with particular emphasis …

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