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Cancer says husband not her soul mate

Updated: July 26, 2012 7:55PM

Q. I’m feeling unfulfilled in my love life. I’ve been married for 15 years to a man who is a wonderful spouse and parent to our three children, but he is not my soul mate. He was born Jan. 30, 1966. I cannot leave as we have a very sick child.

In the past six weeks, I let go of someone very dear to me (born May 7, 1947), who I thought was my soul mate. It’s been incredibly tough, almost impossible at times, to get over it. Will I find love like this again? I was born June 26, 1966, at 7:41 a.m.

A. Your Taurus friend doesn’t match up to you all that well astrologically. In fact, it was only meant to be a secret affair, nothing more. As for your Capricorn husband, the comparison is better. Although your comparison indicates emotional deception and sorrow surrounding children, this relationship has the potential to go the distance. In fact, emotionally, mentally and physically, it’s pretty good.

What has happened is both of you have poured so much into your family and children’s needs that you have let the love dwindle down to nothing but a friendship.

Yes, you both could find someone you match up to better, but this is what you have. Unless you move forward openly and honestly, you aren’t likely to achieve the happiness you both deserve.

Start an open dialogue, and I believe you will come up with a good way to move forward where you both have freedom and the ability to do what’s right for your children. Don’t be surprised if your husband feels as unfulfilled as you.

Q. I am living in the house that was refinanced to pay off my ex-husband (born Feb. 7, 1957). I would like to sell it and move closer to work, but I need to make some improvements to come out ahead. When would be a good time to sell?

Also, I am seeing a guy (born May 12, 1952), but still think about another (born July 3, 1968).

A. Your next windows of opportunity to sell are mid-July until late August and mid-November until mid-April 2013. If you sell sooner rather than later, you may make some money, but if that’s the case your ex may approach you for compensation.

You match up better to your Taurus friend, but sorrow is present with regard to personal contracts, money and chronic health issues. The comparison with your Cancer friend isn’t bad, either; however, sorrow prevails when it comes to opportunity and financial investment as well as with emotional issues pertaining to marriage and legal matters.

Your chart indicates that love is in a high cycle in August and September of this year and April and May of next.

You can use these times to meet someone new, reconnect with your Cancer man or take your relationship with your Taurus to the next level.

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