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Pisces wonders if she’s the other woman or not

Updated: July 14, 2012 6:06AM

Q. I’m with a married man — I know, don’t cringe. We were
friends first, and gradually we started having strong feelings for each other. We are very close, almost like best friends and best lovers.

He’s a Scorpio (born Oct. 25, 1956) married to a Capricorn (born Jan. 11, 1960). She’s the complete opposite of both of us; he married her because she got pregnant more than 20 years ago. I’m not the other woman — I am his woman, or am I? Is he true, or is he playing me? I was born March 19, 1970, at 6 p.m.

A. OK, here is the astrological lowdown. Your Scorpio has his natal Mercury in Libra; therefore, he thinks like a Libra, which means he procrastinates. He has trouble making up his mind. He is experiencing a Saturn transit that will continue to hit his chart until the fall. My advice to you — if you really want to push this man to leave his wife and family — is to give him an ultimatum now and wait it out until the fall.

Astrologically, he matches up better to his wife, but not well enough to warrant staying in the relationship he is in. Your connection to him appears to be one of a karmic nature, so I understand why you are there. I encourage you to test the waters by dating other people.

Although Scorpios can be good for you, your current Scorpio isn’t, and his chart denotes that he lacks strength, courage or honesty.

Q. The guy I have been dating for two months was born April 30, 1979, at 10 p.m. I was born Sept. 10, 1983, at 4:40 p.m. We get along very well. We have not been sexual yet, but the chemistry is strong.

I am beginning to like this man a lot, but my relationship compass has never been good — I tend to find the best in everybody. Could you do a comparison for me?

A. I happen to like your comparison a lot, and I feel it’s certainly worth pursuing. All relationships take work, and it is obvious in your comparison with your Taurus man that communication can make or break this union. Mentally, emotionally and physically, you match up beautifully, making this relationship one you should nurture.

Q. I am an Aquarius (born Feb. 9, 1986, at 8:53 p.m.), and I have been in a rough relationship with a Taurus man (born April 21, 1988). I admit, as an Aquarius I can be detached and don’t always give him the affection he wants. During the relationship, I found out he carried on two other relationships. He went out of town recently, and now he’s telling me he wants space.

This past week, I found out I was pregnant. He’s upset and wants me to terminate the pregnancy because he’s not ready. I’m considering keeping the baby, and when I told him this, he said he was done for good. I just want him to have a relationship with this child. Will he come around?

A. Putting pressure on a Bull is futile; however, I must admit that rarely do I see an astrological comparison of this magnitude. The unfortunate thing is when a comparison is this good, it is also taken for granted instead of protected and cherished, as all good relationships need to be right from the beginning.

I understand your need to have the baby and think you should proceed. But you must not put pressure on your Taurus or he will back away. Have the baby because you want to and because you are willing to move forward with or without him. Hopefully your Taurus will come to his senses and realize how much he loves you and your child.

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