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Shy dater should watch woman’s body language

Aaron is the young, single, nice-looking, guy who recently wrote in. He’s the one who worries about how the date should end almost before it begins. Should he kiss His date goodnight?

Yes? No? If yes, then where? If no, then when? And if yes, then what kind of a kiss should it be? A brotherly peck? A tonsil check? Something in-between?

Mick knows just what he’s going through . . .

MICK: Aaron’s dating questions and issues remind me of when I was younger. I had a second date with a woman. On the first date, I didn’t make a move to kiss her goodnight. Same thing happened on the second date. As I walked back to my car, I was cursing myself for being such a wuss.

So I called my date and I told her I was in the parking lot and then I just asked her, “Was I supposed to kiss you goodnight?” She laughed and said, “Yeah, I think so.” So I said, “Meet me at your front door downstairs and let’s take care of that.”

We ended up having a pretty passionate relationship for several months and occasionally saw each other for the next few years after that.

My advice to Aaron is pay attention to his date’s cues, but don’t overthink the situation so much. As Kevin Costner told Tim Robbins in “Bull Durham,” “Don’t think, Meat. Just throw!”

Mattie was the salesperson who was having an affair with her boss Connor. Then, after three months, she found out he was having also having an affair with the store hussy. (Who knew stores had hussies?)

The next day, she arrived at work with a large shopping bag filled with all the stuff Connor had left at her apartment during their affair — CDs, DVDs, a toothbrush, a couple of sweaters, running shoes. She took the escalator to the hussy’s department and dumped them in front of her.

Judith thinks Mattie’s anger was misplaced . . .

JUDITH: I have no sympathy for Mattie. Why did she dump the items in front of the new lady in Connor’s life? She did nothing wrong. Women all too often go after the new love in a man’s life. Instead, they should beat the heck out of the man.

It’s obvious Connor was out there looking. The new woman might not have even known that Mattie and Connor were having an affair. And if she did know, so what? Mattie was obviously on the way out anyway. The man is the problem, not the new woman.

But the way, I’ve been married for 42 years and counting.

Weight should be a four-letter word. It arouses so much anger, judgment, hostility, shame and despair. We recently heard from one woman who said “Give us fatties a break!”

Now here’s Nancy with her thought on the subject . . .

NANCY: Not everyone is meant to be a size 2, but not everyone is meant to be a size 16-18, either.

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