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Every blind date a roll of the dice

Updated: March 18, 2014 4:15PM

There are a few things in life that are almost always bound to be a huge disappointment: an overhyped movie, an overhyped restaurant, and a blind date.

JEFF: I chose an improv comedy club for our blind date. They asked for a volunteer to tell about their day. I asked her if she would do it. She said, “No, you do it.” Naturally I said yes.

I was telling about the stuff I did. The host asked me who I was with. I said a blind date. He asked a few questions and my responses were really funny. It wasn’t specific about my actual date, just blind dates in general.

The audience of about 50 was really laughing. I walked back to our table, a few high fives along the way. My date gave me this look. I was thinking I was the hero for the moment, everyone laughing at my jokes, big man on campus, etc. Was I wrong. The last words she ever said to me were, “Just stay on your side of the table.”

P.S.: My wife is the opposite of this woman. We were in Las Vegas and she volunteered to go on stage and kiss Rodney Dangerfield. After Rodney was able to slip her a little tongue, he said in that great voice of his, “Do you have a boyfriend? Tell him you’re ready now.”

GAYLE: My blind dates have run the gamut. I was once set up with a guy who was an abusive crack addict. I’m pretty sure my friend didn’t know that.

And then there was the guy I met after I had given up finding anyone on my own. After a few bad relationships, I just didn’t trust my judgment. So, when the parents of a friend of mine said they had an eligible bachelor they wanted me to meet, I figured what the heck? I mean it’s not like I was doing all that great picking on my own! But, he stood me up for our first meeting. He said it was a miscommunication, but who knows.

I did end up meeting him the next day and ,while nice, he really didn’t seem to be my type. But, we stayed in touch and he called me regularly. (We lived a couple hours apart and he traveled for business). When he got back in town, we went out a few times but I was still not convinced. He was just too nice and didn’t get upset about anything. We always did whatever I wanted to do. But, we kept talking on the phone and dating. I finally figured it out. He was a nice guy and being with him meant I would get my way pretty much all of the time. What was so wrong with that?

It’s 10 years later and we’ve been married for seven of those years. Do I always get my way? Well, maybe not, but he’s still the nice, easygoing guy who makes sure that he does everything he can to make me happy. We don’t always agree, but we can work through our disagreements. Sometimes, you need to give the “not my type” person a try. I mean, if all your prior picks went down in flames, maybe those were the ones who really weren’t your type.

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