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Sexting has its supporters

Updated: September 5, 2013 4:33PM

Anthony Weiner has disgraced himself, humiliated his wife and dishonored that very 21st century form of communication: the Sext.

Here are your thoughts:

MASON: Nancy Pelosi said Anthony Weiner’s conduct was “so disrespectful of women.” I think her comment is disrespectful of women.

The women Weiner was sexting weren’t children. They knew exactly what they were doing and who they were doing it with. They wanted to sext with him and that’s their right.

We no longer live in a time or a culture when women aren’t responsible for their actions and their fathers or husbands or the government (or their sexting partners) have to look out for them.

Women have the right to act as stupidly as men and suffer the consequences for it.

SHANNON: You can sext, or you can run for public office. You just can’t do both. There’s nothing wrong with sexting between two consenting adults as long as they’re not committed to other people. It’s fun. It’s the ultimate safe sex. And it doesn’t hurt anyone. Leave it to Anthony Weiner to give sexting a bad name!

ABBY: I get a laugh out of people comparing Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abadin to Hillary Clinton. Let’s see. When Hillary stood by her man he was president of the United States and she was first lady. She was living in the White House and had access to anyone and everyone. All she had to do was bide her time and conduct herself with dignity, and she could have anything she wanted.

Huma is standing by a man who’s a twice-disgraced former congressman who’s never going to be elected to anything ever again. By endorsing his candidacy, when he is so obviously going to be rejected by the voters, she’s making herself look foolish. All her credibility as an independent woman has been flushed down the toilet.

I’m no fan of Bill Clinton, but comparing him with Anthony Weiner is like comparing Joe DiMaggio with a Little Leaguer.

OLIVIA: As someone who has great respect for the institution of marriage and the sanctity of the family, I can appreciate Huma Abadin’s decision to remain with her husband and support him while he works through his issues.

What I don’t understand is her doing it while he continues to run for public office. She’s no longer supporting him; she’s endorsing him. That’s not loyalty, that’s insanity.

She should have insisted that as the price for her staying with him, he had to immediately withdraw from the race and vow to stay out of the public’s view for a minimum of five years. It’s obvious that in addition to being addicted to deviant sexual behavior, he’s also addicted to notoriety. He can’t work on one addiction without addressing the other.

EMILY: Women will not have achieved true equality with men until Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Janet Napolitano or some other female in the public eye feels the need to send pictures of her lady parts over the Internet.

BELLA: Weiner said he considered the women he was sexting his “friends.”


Friends don’t send friends naked pictures of themselves!

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