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Can you trust the rush of a crush?

Updated: July 19, 2013 3:26PM

I may have a crush on Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt. You may have a crush on Megan Fox or Jennifer Lopez. Chances are pretty good that those crushes are going to stay in the harmless zone, because we’re never going to get a chance to act on them.

But what if you developed a crush on a real person? Would you be able to get it in check?

CASSIDY: My best friend’s husband is everything my husband is not. He’s tall, funny, smart and hot, hot, hot! My husband is a slug.

I’ve tried to remind myself of my husband’s good points (few) and her husband’s faults (even fewer), but it doesn’t do any good. I know if he’d make the slightest overture, I’d be gone.

CAL: Jessica was pretty, although not as attractive as the girls I would usually go out with in high school. Still, to me she was irresistible. We got along great.

But I was never sure if I was just in the friend zone, so I never tried anything. Through the years, I would talk to her here and there. Then, one day, after not talking to her for about a year, I figured what the hell and called her. I told her that I had a big crush on her. I thought she’d laugh it off. I didn’t expect her to say that she always liked me, too, and to ask me what we were going to do about it.

I became tongue-tied and didn’t know what to say. I gave her some lame excuse and hung up. I was so embarrassed I never talked to her again. She would see my brother occasionally and ask about me, but that’s where it ended. Last I heard, she’s married with a child and so am I.

Yeah, she was freaking awesome, and what gets me is that I have never had a hard time talking to women. Just her.

MEGAN: We met in high school. He was handsome, funny and sweet, and he had a huge crush on me. I knew there was something special about him, but I was so scared of messing up our friendship that I pushed him away every time he was close to asking me out.

We lost touch, but I always thought fondly of him. As time passed, he went from being a good friend to being “the one who got away.” After every bad relationship, I’d think about him and kick myself for not taking a chance on him.

A couple of years went by, then one day, out of the blue, I got an email from him. He had run into one of my friends, who gave him my email address. We made plans to catch up.

I tried to keep it casual, telling myself I was just going to catch up with an old friend, but I knew better. The night we met, I arrived at the bar 20 minutes early and just sat there, hands sweating, throat dry. When I spotted him walking toward me, my heart was beating so fast, I thought I was having a heart attack. There he was, a little older and a little pudgier, but I knew I wasn’t about to ever let him go again.

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

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