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Trying to find the solution for weight loss

Updated: July 19, 2013 3:26PM

Oh, to have lived in the 1950s, when women were supposed to have curves, and a little belly was considered sexy, not a sign of moral failing. And a man with a six-pack was a guy on his way to a picnic.

Dannielle: I really hoped that Joan on “Mad Men” would start a movement toward women with a little meat on their bones and natural, not synthetic, jugs. That has not happened.

Guys think Joan is gorgeous, but I don’t see models beefing up or actresses emulating the curves that were desired in Marilyn Monroe’s day. If she were starting out now, the first thing a casting director would tell her is, “Lose 10 pounds!”

Logan: The odds that the next overweight person I see has a legitimate disease that’s causing him or her to be overweight, as opposed to that person’s weight causing a variety of medical issues, are not very high.

Esme: I’m a certified personal trainer with a specialty in weight management. By the time someone calls a trainer to his house, there are no more excuses. All my clients with weight issues were very candid with how they got fat. I was very candid as well about how we were going to fix it.

I would drive to clients’ houses in the middle of snowstorms, drag them out of bed, make their coffee and get them started. I had great success, and I loved every minute of it. If someone does not own their fat, they’ll never lose fat.

Libby: It’s very hard for someone who has never struggled with his or her weight to understand or relate to it. I’m one of those people, but I’m married to someone who has struggled with his weight all of his life.

My husband was a good 40 pounds overweight when I met him. He’s been a variety of different sizes in the 18 years we’ve been married, but he’s never truly been at his ideal weight.

Watching him struggle with his weight and trying to help him with it has been an eye-opening experience. In his case, there’s no underlying disease, and he’s now probably the biggest he’s ever been.

The primary reason he’s currently at his heaviest is he’s the king of excuses. I don’t consider my husband to be lazy at all. But, the fact is, his primary issue with his weight is discipline.

It would be a mistake to believe that he’s undisciplined in all areas of his life. That certainly is not the case. He’s an extremely hard worker and a terrific father and husband. In fact, I believe that it’s because he’s so good about disciplining himself in other areas of his life that he lacks the discipline in this one area.

Something’s got to give, and frequently, it’s the attention to diet and exercise that goes by the wayside.

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