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Facebook sparks a romance after 50-year gap

Updated: July 19, 2013 3:26PM

Andy was just 13 years old when he met the love of his life. Of course, 13-year-olds aren’t really in a position to do much about such a momentous meeting, so Andy had to wait a long time for life to work out.

It happened when he was walking home from school one day. He saw, across the street, two girls coming toward him. One was his schoolmate. The other was her sister whom he had never seen before. Her name was Diana.

“When our eyes met, I knew this girl was someone special. At that age, I knew nothing about love, but I did know she was special, and I knew she liked me. I guess you could call it love at first sight. I never had that feeling again. I was totally knocked off my feet.”

Andy didn’t realize it at the time, but he and Diana were the same age and had actually been in first grade together. But she had skipped past him.

“At that time, the school would give double promotions to students who were really smart. She was so smart that she was in high school at 12.”

Andy didn’t see Diana again until they were both 20.

“We were at the same party. We talked some and both had feelings for each other. We got together after the party to talk some more and shared a kiss or two. Nothing more! But despite having feelings for one another, we parted ways.”

So, other than sharing first grade together, Andy and Diana only saw each other twice, once when they were 13 and once when they were 20.

They both went on to live their lives. They both married and had children. They both divorced.

“Over the years, I thought of her many, many times. I would have ‘what if?’ kinds of thoughts. But over those years, I lost contact with many old friends for a variety of reasons.”

And then one day, Andy was on Facebook and decided to search for some of those old friends. Some old familiar names came up. He typed Diana’s name in the search box, and he found her.

He discovered that she had lived a good life and had great kids, but was now divorced and had been for 15 years. He had been divorced for many years also. Andy asked Diana, via Facebook, if she wanted to be “friends.” He asked her on Monday, again on Tuesday, again on Wednesday and again on Thursday. She never replied.

“Well, it had been many years. Why would she want to friend me? She had probably forgotten who I was. But that Friday came the reply that I thought would never come.

“We chatted and decided to meet that Sunday at her church. We had lunch right after. That was in September of 2012. In December, three months later, I asked her to marry me. We plan on getting married in July, nine months after reconnecting on Facebook, 52 years after our last meeting. Our life is just beginning.”

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