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Work ‘friendship’ ends marriage

Updated: October 1, 2012 3:56PM

Barb had a feeling her husband Craig was having an affair with his boss, Maggie. But each time she asked, he denied it. Maggie was “just a friend.”

“When you spend all your time with someone and have no time for your family, something’s going on.”

It was the night of their son’s 20th birthday. Barb was driving home from work. She was going to make all his favorite foods for dinner. As she passed a bar, she noticed Maggie’s car in front.

“I stopped in, just to see, and there they were. I had a beer with them, and we talked about the dinner we were going to have. As I sat there, they would occasionally converse quietly and not include me in the conversation. I said to my husband, ‘You’re making me uncomfortable. I feel like I’m the third wheel.’ He told me I was imagining things.”

Barb left to start dinner. Craig said he’d be home at 7. “He showed up at 9, drunk as a skunk. All I said when he came through the door was, ‘Would you like me to start the dinner?’ He jumped on me, yelling, slamming doors, screaming, telling me he wanted a divorce.”

Craig said he was leaving. “I said, ‘Stay home, you’re in no condition to drive. Sleep it off.’ He went upstairs. I ordered a pizza. When the pizza came, I went upstairs to see if he wanted to eat. He had snuck out of the house down the back staircase.”

Barb went to Maggie’s house. The door was open and she went in. “I slugged him three times.

“He raised his fist to me. I said, ‘Go ahead; do it, you sorry piece of crap!’ All the while, Maggie was falling over because she was drunk. I told them they deserved each other and left. I went home, packed up everything he owned and threw it out the window. It landed on the garage.”

This happened 17 months ago. Barb says Craig still hasn’t apologized to his children for breaking up their home. “I don’t expect one for myself. He’d had an affair once before with my so-called best friend. I made him tell the kids what he did. Back then he said he was very sorry. He didn’t want to lose his family. This time he showed he didn’t care.”

Craig is now living with Maggie. Or as Barb calls her, “the idiot.”

Barb had to move out of the home she and Craig and their 15-year-old shared. She’s now in a “dump of an apartment.” She had to sell her car and buy a beater. “We also had to go on food stamps.”

Craig, meanwhile, is enjoying the high life. “They have a big-screen smart TV, new dining room furniture, guitars including a 1958 Stratocaster that sells for around $3,000. Everything he gets he posts on Facebook.”

Barb would love to divorce Craig and be through with him, but she can’t because she needs his health insurance. She has two pre-existing conditions, diabetes and diverticulitis. She’s priced insurance and can’t afford it. The deductibles are so high, she’d never be able to see a doctor.

“The funny thing is when we were married, we always had great sex. Go figure.”

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