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Creative ways to ditch that old wedding ring

Updated: September 21, 2012 6:18AM

The marriage is over; the divorce is final. There’s still one little thing to take care of — the wedding rings.

DESIREE: After a long and difficult marriage to a controlling man ended, my friend wondered what to do with her wedding rings. Her newfound freedom had not come easy, and she wanted a way to celebrate every day not being under his thumb.

So she had her rings made into a toe ring. Now she walks over those memories and him every day. It’s so empowering! (Hey, whatever works.)

PAT: My ex-husband had been engaged before I met him. His fiancee had called off the wedding. He had kept the ring set he had purchased. We were both poor students when we met, so when he presented me with the same engagement ring I agreed to accept it to spare unnecessary expense. It was a fairly pretty ring with a one-fifth-carat diamond, white gold, with matching wedding rings.

Twenty-three years and two children later, as I am battling cancer, he remeets his old fiancee. She’s been divorced seven years and has eight kids. He decides to join her church and dump me when I improve rather than die.

When I heard he was divorcing me to marry her, I flung my rings in his face in her presence. His sister retrieved the rings and returned them to me. I told my ex I’d pawn them when I was desperate for money.

Then, about five years later, I decided hanging on to these reminders of betrayal was hurting me more than helping me.

So I stuck the rings in a bubble package and mailed them to him. He thought I’d sent him a bomb! He sent me an email: “I can’t understand why you did this, but thank you.” I guess he never really knew me, although we spent nearly 25 years together!

KATHY: My mother held on to her ring, even though she remarried a few years after divorcing my father. She gave it to me when she was close to death. I swear she held on to it as long as she held onto to her anger at my father. She was very bitter about that marriage. I took it to my jeweler shortly after, put the gold value toward a brand new ring and never thought twice about it. Somebody had to do it!

SYBIL: I’d been divorced for a while and had gotten engaged to my second husband. Our wedding was coming up in a few months, and I wanted to simply get rid of my wedding ring from my first marriage. I knew that it was not particularly valuable and that I’d get very little for it. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to sell it for the best price, so I just took it to a pawnshop and sold it for $100. I didn’t haggle or anything! Done and done! Onward and upward!

GRETA: After unsuccessfully trying to sell my rings on Craigslist, I decided to donate them to a resale shop affiliated with an animal shelter. I had given them my wedding dress and all the accessories, so it seemed only fitting. At least some good will came from an awful marriage.

What did you do with your wedding rings? Send your tale, along with problems and rants cheryllavinrapp@aol. com

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