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Telltale bills bust cheating husband

Updated: August 10, 2012 6:27AM

When Wendy pulled out the cell phone bill, she was looking for a more economical calling plan. That’s all. But she found a lot more than she bargained for.

“I usually never look at the bill,” says Wendy. “It’s a fixed amount every month, and I just pay it.”

But on this particular night, she wanted to see who was using minutes and when. That’s when she saw that her husband Mike had been making calls in the middle of the night to one particular number, a number that Wendy didn’t recognize.

“I thought that was odd.”

Mike works the graveyard shift in a specialized area of the police department, and unless he’s called out for a job, he’s in the office.

“As soon as I discovered the calls, I immediately put on my detective hat. Now, I’m usually not one to snoop, but I smelled something suspicious so that gave me every right.”

Wendy went to the computer and typed in the phone number. An online search company said it could tell her who it belonged to for $2.99. She paid the fee and found out the number belonged to a woman. Wendy looked up her profile on Facebook and LinkedIn. It turned out the woman also worked for the police department.

Then Wendy rummaged through the nightstand drawer where Mike kept his credit card bills. “My husband is very meticulous about his bills and has kept them for the past five years in envelopes. Not necessarily the best thing to do when you’re having an affair.”

Wendy went through his most recent bills and found that Mike had purchased a few female items that he hadn’t given her.

“That was enough evidence for me. Thanks to my careless husband, within 15 minutes of careful sleuthing, I found out everything I needed to know.

“I never considered that Mike would stray, but I never put anything past anyone, so I didn’t freak out. It’s not my nature. And I’ve always felt men are lazy and if they’re going to stray, they’ll take the easy way out and do it with someone at the office. It’s just too convenient.”

Mike was at work that night. Wendy wrote him a typed letter outlining all the incriminating evidence she had against him, as well as the woman’s name, address, employer and education.

“Thank God for the Internet, Facebook and the search company.”

The letter was perfectly calm and controlled. There was no name calling. Wendy simply told Mike that she hadn’t waited this long to get married to live with a cheating husband. She told him that if it happened again, their marriage was over. She told him to get some help and find out why he cheated and “while he was at it, to get some help addressing the other baggage in his life.”

Wendy put the letter and the evidence where Mike would find it as soon as he walked in the house. Then she left to spend the night with a friend.

“I wish I’d had a camera to capture the expression on his face when he read it. Boy, did it get his attention.”

Next, what happens when Mike finds the letter.

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