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Found: the adorable guide at the Adler Planetarium

Updated: July 22, 2012 6:27AM

Remember the strawberry blonde who met Michael at the Adler Planetarium? She wanted to get to know him better, but she didn’t know how to reach him. She posted an ad in the missed connections section of Craigslist Chicago.

“It was closing time at Adler After Dark and my friend wanted to show me the gyroscopes. You said you didn’t have the key, and then walked us back to the astrolabe exhibit. I asked how to use one and you had me stand next to you, make my hands like an alligator and point them at the star on the wall. I wanted to talk to you more, but the planetarium was closing.

“I’m tall and strawberry blonde. Your nametag said Michael and that you work in education. Maybe one of your co-workers will see this?”

Well, SB wrote to say there hasn’t been much response to her post, “not even a single creeper spam message. I’m just curious if you received any responses or helpful information. I guess the next step would be to just go back to the planetarium! This is all quite strange, he-he.”

Well, SB, I guess the name Lavin can take its rightful place next to Woodward and Bernstein in the pantheon of investigative journalists.

I found Michael!

He remembers the encounter. “I just happened to be walking by and was heading in the direction of that gallery anyway. There’s a strong focus on engaging education at the Adler and this was an opportunity to help two visitors make a personal connection.”

I asked him if he knew there might have been a love connection happening. “I sincerely did not. I thought I was simply doing my job. The thing is that there are some very cool exhibits at the Adler, and it’s easy to get excited, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is excited about our exhibits or is developing a crush on me. In my opinion, our collection is far cooler than I am, so I always assume they’re more interested in the artifacts.”

Michael says the public relations manager at the Adler showed him the column. “Initially, I was just confused and then slightly embarrassed. But it’s hard not to be flattered. Especially when it was so unexpected. It may have also inflated my ego a little bit.

“The fact that she had such a positive experience made me feel like I’m doing a good job. Then my boss rightfully pointed out that my job is to make our guests fall in love with the Adler, not with me.”

So, Michael, any interest in SB?

“The day I heard about the column was the day I was notified that my engagement ring was ready. I proposed to my fiancee on Saturday. It was at sunset overlooking Lake Huron on the Canadian side. She said yes. She has made each day happier than the last. I simply couldn’t imagine a life without her and can’t wait to spend a lifetime with her.

As a final question, I asked if he’d ever met any women at the Adler.

“I think there has been one other time when a girl has approached me after an informal educational experience.”

Michael, you dog!

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