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Fantasy becomes reality, with real consequences

Updated: July 13, 2012 6:08AM

The older woman-younger man scenario has been the fuel of many a young boy’s fantasy. It goes something like this: The somewhat naive, painfully inexperienced boy — who doesn’t have many friends and isn’t appreciated by girls his own age, but is nevertheless witty, ironic and wise beyond his years — meets an older, more experienced woman.

She usually looks like Sofia Vergara or maybe Charlize Theron.

She appreciates his sensitivity and caustic humor and takes him under her wing and eventually into her bed. She initiates him into the world of sex, teaching him to be a thoughtful, skillful and generous lover. In the process, he learns how to be a good man.

There are no repercussions from his dalliance.

But in real life, acts have consequences. Sometimes, grave ones — sometimes ones that last forever.

Joey says his experience with an older woman goes back to the summer of 1957. He was 19; Jolene was 36.

“We both worked second-shift jobs. My job was as a timekeeper for a construction company that was installing air conditioning in the Civic Opera House. Her job was on the assembly line for a can manufacturing company located on Western Avenue.”

Joe says on most evenings, he would pick her up after midnight. They’d find a dark place to park and then have sex.

“Next stop was a tavern that we would close up. Then I drove her to her sister Grace’s house where we had sex again. Then I drove to my home and went to bed.”

Joey says this pattern continued for a little over a year. “Then she broke it off, much to my surprise.”

Joey didn’t know if he’d ever hear from Jolene again, but in August 1959, she called him with some shocking news. She told him that she’d recently given birth to his son, a baby boy she named Charles. The baby was going to be raised by another of her sisters.

“That was our last contact. I’ve never met our son. That is a regret.”

When he thinks about that time and about Jolene, Joey says he remembers that she had severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists from her work in the can factory.

“Now I think that the orgasms she had with me were her way of relieving her pain.”

Joey is now 74; Jolene — if she’s still alive — is 91; Charles is 53.

How long is the statute of limitations on family secrets? Ten years? Twenty years? Fifty years? Fifty-three years?

How difficult would it be for Joey to find Charles? It probably wouldn’t be that hard.

Should he look? Would you?

If you were Charles, would you want to meet Joey?

Are you keeping a family secret? Have you revealed one? Send your tale to cheryllavin

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