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Finding love among the stars and the astrolabes

Updated: July 7, 2012 8:18AM

Craig is a romantic soul and a former Chicagoan. That’s right, non-Chicagoans! It’s not all “Da Bears” in da Windy City. Sometimes, as you’ll read, it’s “da planetarium.”

Craig is currently living in Washington D.C., but he loves and misses Chicago. One of the ways he keeps in touch is by “surveying the landscape” of the Missed Connections-Chicago section of Craigslist. What he found was this “very sweet and sincere classified.” He says, “For some reason, I felt compelled to help out.”

Here’s the ad:

“It was closing time at Adler After Dark Thursday night and my friend wanted to show me the gyroscopes. You said you didn’t have the key, then walked us back to the astrolabe exhibit. I asked how to use one, and you had me stand next to you, make my hands like an alligator, and point them at the star on the wall. I wanted to talk to you more, but the planetarium was closing.

“I’m tall and strawberry blonde, your name tag said Michael and that you work in Education. Maybe one of your co-workers will see this?”

Craig is hoping that Michael and the strawberry blonde will find each other, but he says he’s in another city, doesn’t use social media and is “at a loss for what I can do for this young lady.”

He asked for my help. “It’s a shot in the dark,” says Craig, “but I figure, ‘Why not?’ ”

Why not, indeed!

So, Michael, are you out there? Do you remember the strawberry blonde you met just before the 10:30 p.m. closing time on May 24, during the Adler After Dark, 21-plus event? The one you told to make her hands like an alligator and point at a star? Any interest? If so, write me and I’ll give you the details.

As Craig says, “There’s nothing more nerd-friendly than a good romance story that begins in a planetarium.” To the folks at the Adler Planetarium he advises, “Get on this! If you’re even remotely aware of the success of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ you should connect the dots on this.”


And now, from the romantic and whimsical to the down and dirty. I asked if cheating on the road was really cheating, and the very practical M.B. responds:

“It depends on the road, the duration of the journey, and the odds of the travelers meeting again. A spouse should be expected to keep his/her pants on for a three-day business trip or even a two-week conference, but if the absence is more than a year overseas for military service, I’d say both ought to be cut some slack.

“GIs have a ‘till DEROS (Date Eligible for Return from Overseas) do us part’ understanding that whatever happens away from home is over once they’re discharged.

“A drunken cuddle or two is part of the travel experience. It’s only when either party makes a big deal of it that complications arise. If the cuddler is somebody you’re likely to see after you return, play it safe and hug a stranger instead.

“What differentiates a casual affair in the military from one in civilian life is that the latter often has consequences. The guy you met in a bar and romanced one night just might turn up on your doorstep again the next night.”

Do you agree with M.B.? Send your tale to cheryllavin

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