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Sometimes one bad move tells you the relationship won’t work

Updated: June 8, 2012 8:06AM

How did you know your relationship was over? Did she send you a text? Did he leave you a voice mail? Did he unfriend you? Or did you know it was over when . . .

“. . . he got his bimbo pregnant while we were still married.”

“. . . he demonstrated how spineless he was by saying, ‘I can’t hurt my kids by dating you.’ ”

“. . . the guy I’d been talking to on the phone for two weeks (we’d never met) mentioned on Tuesday that his favorite drink was vodka. He then called on Friday saying that he’d like to come by my house and ‘hang out’ and asked if I’d picked up the vodka yet.”

“. . . he stripped in the car. We were at a drive-in and I’d left to go to the bathroom. I had a heck of a time getting him to get dressed again.”

“. . . she snorted when she laughed.”

“. . . we were seated at the restaurant and he put his cellphone on the table.”

“. . . he said his favorite restaurant was any one that had an all-you-can-eat buffet.”

“. . . she said she breast-fed her son until he was 6.”

“. . . she kept pointing out men that were staring at her. None of them were.”

“. . . she met me at the restaurant dressed like a streetwalker. I spent the whole dinner looking at my plate, hoping I wouldn’t see any one I knew.”

“. . . after making out for a little while he said, ‘I’ll make it really good for you.’ It was an instant turn-off, especially since I wasn’t planning on sleeping with him.”

“. . . he told a story about his ex and I countered with a story about mine. His eyes glazed over, and he said, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ He never called again. He mentioned his ex first!”

“. . . his Zoosk alerts kept going off on his phone and he interrupted our conversation — we were on a date! — to answer the flirts.”

“. . . I asked the guy I was going out with to tell me something crazy he’d done. I was expecting something like, ‘When I was in high school, my buddies and I played this silly prank.’ He proceeded to tell me about a one-night stand he’d had that had included plenty of whipped cream! TMI for someone who was practically a stranger!”

“. . . he undressed and I saw his tattoo. My husband and I recently reunited after a three-year separation. The first night of rekindling, our relationship turned into a total disaster when he removed his shirt and revealed, on his arm, a complete dove-carrying-a-rose tattoo professing his eternal love for another woman.

“I’m waiting for him to have the tattoo removed. Right now, we’re sleeping in separate bedrooms. The sight of it totally killed my libido, and I don’t think it will ever return, even after the tattoo is gone. Fifteen years of my life for nothing.”

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