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  • She let man of her dreams get away

    THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY Lola, despite her name that evokes show girls and other sexy minxes, had never been very popular with boys. She didn’t date in high school or college, she wasn’t much for parties or clubs. After graduation, she shared an apartment …Read More

  • Flat tire, miserable date and true love

    Today we hear from DEVON and SUZANNE, who opine on the nature of love and runny noses . . . — DEVON: “Why is it that first loves die such a long, horrible death? I was 17 when we met; he was 20. We had …Read More

  • Have you ever been dumped for a loser?

    All of us have been dumped. But for whom? Women, do you get booted for someone who is obviously more credentialed than you— a former Miss America who has a degree in nuclear physics, anchors the evening news and visits shut-ins in her spare time— …Read More

  • He regrets not addressing ‘perfect’ woman

    There are split-seconds in life when you either make a move or you don’t. And if you don’t, you wind up kicking yourself in the pants for a very long time. Meet Brandon. The seat of his pants is very dirty. A couple of weeks …Read More

  • Her confidence allows husband to see old flames without problems

    Confidence, your name must be Peyton. Twice she’s met her husband’s old true loves under very trying circumstances, and twice she has survived them with barely a twinge, not even a little bitty pull, of jealousy. The first time was when she and her husband, …Read More

  • Shy dater should watch woman’s body language

    Aaron is the young, single, nice-looking, guy who recently wrote in. He’s the one who worries about how the date should end almost before it begins. Should he kiss His date goodnight? Yes? No? If yes, then where? If no, then when? And if yes, …Read More

  • Other Woman says affair saved lover’s marriage

    Abbie has been both the woman and The Other Woman. And she says switching roles every now and then can teach a woman a lot. She’s 34 and she married when she was just 19. “I did a lot of complaining,” she says, “a lot …Read More

  • Storybook romance starts in Irish castle

    A few years ago, Lucy and Jason found themselves in the same tourist office in Ireland. They were each buying a ticket for that evening’s banquet at a restored 15th-Century castle complete with a drawbridge and a drafty, eerie, romantic air. Lucy had been in …Read More

  • At times, you just know it’s over

    Sometimes you hear it directly: “I just don’t think this is working . . .” But sometimes you don’t. And that’s when you have to read the tea leaves, consult the stars, and interpret those little signals to figure out if a relationship is over. …Read More

  • Reckless lover spreads STDs

    Morgan was in a committed relationship with Jon for three years. They didn’t live together, but spent up to five nights a week together. She had a good job and made decent money. Jon was a partner in a law firm and made six times …Read More

  • Teenage sweethearts reconnect after four decades

    When we met Francis, in 2010, he had reconnected, via Google, with his high school sweetheart, Harper. The last time he had seen her, they were both 18 and he was headed to Vietnam. She broke up with him shortly before he shipped out. He …Read More

  • Single folks: All you need is one good pickup line

    Ivy has been on the receiving end of some of the absolute worst lines ever. And also the single best one ever spoken.

    When opposites attract and it works

    “Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Demi Moore?” When Chelsea heard that line, she just about lost it. She was at a singles dance, an experience she found slightly more revolting than a freshman mixer. But Chelsea had just moved to the …

    Tales from the Front: When shopping, you never know what’s in store

    Next time you’re shopping in a department store, look around you. You’re standing in the middle of 21st century “Peyton Place”! Mattie was a salesperson in men’s fragrances. She and a group of employees, men and women, would hang out together. They had lunch together, …

    Tales from the Front: He got quite an education in night school

    You can learn a lot in night school. Luke learned what not to do — never, ever — when you meet someone you like. Luke was immediately attracted to Brinn, another student in his adult education class. He says she had “a wholesome Irish face, …

    Tales from the Front: They do bring her flowers

    There are flowers and there are flowers. And the day that Riley got a dozen long-stemmed red roses from Cody with a card saying “Just because I love you,” and from Arnie a pathetic bunch of semi-wilted grocery store carnations, she realized there are men …