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When a coat is a good idea for a dog

Q. As a general matter I agree that putting a coat on a dog doesn’t make sense. But, it is a great help when you acclimatize your dog to new elements. Recently, we got a new puppy, a golden doodle from a breeder in Arizona.

When snow hit a week after he arrived and we went outside to do business, I could feel him shivering and shivering and his heart was beating like mad. When the temperature was down at zero, he was in agony, whimpering and shivering. I purchased a Canada Pooch coat ( for him and he was much more comfortable and willing to stay outside long enough to perform.

A. Thank you for your recommendation of Canada Pooch (a hearty cold-weather store for canine coats) and for your story about acclimatizing your Arizona-bred golden doodle to an icy winter climate. You did the right thing by wrapping up your doodle in down duds for protection.

Q. I’m feeling a bit paranoid because it seems every dog I meet these days has my name — Lucy. Sometimes, when I’m out in the neighborhood, I hear stereo commands ringing in my ears: “Lucy! Come! Or, “Lucy! Drop it!” Or, worse, “Lucy! Bad girl!”

I’m a little confused. What is it about my moniker that makes it such an appealing dog name?

A. You do have a point. In fact, “Lucy” is the third most popular female dog name nationally (after “Bella” and “Daisy”) according to Dog Lady knows many dogs named Lucy: Lucy the yellow Lab, Lucy the Pomeranian, Lucy the shepherd mix, Lucy the golden retriever, Lucy the Brittany spaniel, Lucy the cockapoo, Lucy the pug . . .

Obviously, “Lucy” resonates with some loosey-goosey spirit of whimsy. Sibilant “Lucy” is also an ideal dog name because it has two syllables and sounds earthy. Take it as a compliment. Think of how many dog keepers gaze happily at their precious pets and murmur the immortal words: “I love Lucy.”

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