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Hard boiled eggs: 50 ways to get ‘devilish’

Updated: May 21, 2011 12:18AM

The classic deviled egg recipe is as simple as can be:

Scrape the yolks out of half a dozen hard-cooked eggs and mash them up with about 1/3 cup of mayonnaise, a little salt and pepper and enough sharp mustard to give it zing. Spoon the mixture back into the whites. Add a sprinkling of paprika or chopped chives for color.

But that’s just a starting point. Endless variations can turn this already beloved snack into something truly special.

1. Cut about a quarter of the egg off the small end and a thin strip off the large end to make it stand up. Spoon out the yolk. After piping in filling, place the top piece back on at an angle like a hat.

2. Use the pointed end of a small, sharp knife to make a zigzag cuts when halving the eggs.

3. Use quail eggs for one-bite deviled eggs.

4. Finely dice the whites and mix them into the yolk mixture to make deviled-egg spread. Serve on cocktail bread, as a dip for crudites or as a sandwich spread.

Mix one of these into the filling:

5. Bacon, cooked, chopped

6. Cheese, grated

7. Corned beef

8. Cucumber, minced

9. Cumin

10. Dill or tarragon, chopped

11. Food coloring

12. Lobster, cooked and chopped

13. Peanuts, roasted and chopped

14. Pickle relish

15. Pine nuts, toasted and chopped

16. Radishes, minced

17. Spam, finely chopped

18. Watercress, chopped

Replace some or all of the mayonnaise or mustard with these flavorings:

19. Barbecue sauce

20. Blue cheese dressing

21. Butter, softened

22. Chipotle chiles (canned or reconstituted, pureed)

23. Curry powder

24. Cream cheese or sour cream

25. Creme fraiche

26. Dashi flakes (Japanese bonito soup stock)

27. French onion dip

28. Guacamole

29. Hummus

30. Lemon or lime zest

31. Pesto sauce

32. Salsa

33. Truffle oil

34. Wasabi

35. Worcestershire sauce

Garnish with:

36. Shrimp (small)

37. Alfalfa or radish sprouts

38. Anchovies

39. Capers

40. Caviar

41. Cornichons or gherkins, sliced

42. Giardiniera

43. Microgreens

44. Nori (Japanese seaweed sheets), crumbled

45. Old Bay Seasoning

46. Olives, sliced

47. Smoked salmon, cut in thin strips

48. Smoked paprika

49. Truffles, shaved

50. Za’atar (Middle Eastern seasoning) or sumac.

Leah A. Zeldes

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