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Owner, not chewing puppy, needs training

Updated: September 30, 2012 6:02AM

Q. I have a four-month-old Shih Tzu who chews on everything, including electric cords.

He has chewed on my computer cord and other cords.

When I catch him, I tell him “no” and I tap him with paper.

I try to keep cords away from him, but when I’m not around he gets to the TV and cable cords.

Please tell me what can I do to get him to stop.
A. Having a dog is matter of personal responsibility.

You must imagine the dog is totally clueless, especially a four-month-old puppy.

With such a naive, fragile life form under your roof, you have to think for the dog.

You must keep the dog away from anything capable of electrocuting, strangling, suffocating, poisoning and otherwise harming him.

To a puppy, crunchy cords taste like chicken.

Keep your explorer pup away from anything you don’t want him to gnaw.

Also, invest in some suitable dog chews (hard rubber Kong toys, bully sticks) at the pet store.

When you catch your pup mangling shoes, belts, pillows, electrical wires, anything really, offer a suitable alternative instead of whacking him with a paper.

Get a crate (polite word for cage) and read about crate training.

You need to keep your puppy contained so you can train him properly.

Also, you have to trust this guy fully before allowing him to roam freely in the land of the giants.

Q. I was disappointed you were not tougher with the woman who rescued the Jack Russell terrier and whose boyfriend objected to the dog.

The boyfriend was a guest in the woman’s home.

If he doesn’t like dog hair on his clothes, he should move out.

No dog deserves to be locked in the bathroom as this guy does when the dog bothers him.

If the woman doesn’t get rid of this guy, he will one day treat her like he treats the dog.

Shame on her and on you for not being firm with her.

A. In all her years of giving advice to the pooch perplexed, Dog Lady realizes that most people already know what they must do.

They write “Ask Dog Lady” seeking encouragement — or a scolding because they know they messed up.

In the case of this woman and her Jack Russell-bothered boyfriend, Dog Lady sensed the questioner had already made up her mind.

In advising about matters of the heart, it is pointless to club someone over the head.

This woman obviously loved the dog much more than the guy.

So why make her feel guiltier about ending things than she already must feel?

Most people realize they’re in a toxic relationship without an Agony Aunt (an advice giver) telling them so.

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