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Puppy makes a meal out of bedding

Updated: August 12, 2012 6:03AM

QI take care of my son’s two dogs on occasion and they are very smelly. They are clean (except for the bad breath) but they stink. What do you think is the cause?

A. Let’s clear up a couple of basic issues: Dogs smell. They smell as surely as they have four feet and wet noses. Also, one woman’s stench is another woman’s perfume. What stinks to you is fragrant balm to someone else. For instance, Dog Lady’s dog has cute-stinky breath. And Dog Lady loves the smell as surely as she loves the whiffs of baking gingerbread because the distinct dog aroma is part of my guy.

Some scents in canines can be caused by medical issues: bacterial ear infections, dental disease, anal sac trouble, or flatulence caused by digestive disturbance. You should urge your son to consult a veterinarian if the odor is pervasive and persistent.

Q. I love everything about summer, except clueless people who leave their dogs in hot cars while they run errands. Please alert your readers that the temperature inside a car, even with the windows cracked, can rise to over 100 degrees within 15 minutes when the outside temperature in only 70 degrees. Dogs release heat through their tongue (hence, panting after a brisk walk) and the bottom of their paws, a process that shuts down when trapped inside a 100+ degree car.

A. It makes me sick when I see a precious pup barking with its nose and tongue hanging out the car window, cracked open only a few inches, in a parking lot. How would these people they like being locked in that car for hours with no air to experience just what they are doing to their dog? I had a warning/information card printed up that I put in the windshield of cars with dogs in parking lots.

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