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Get command of ‘sit and stay’

Updated: July 7, 2012 8:03AM

Q. We adopted a bloodhound puppy, Chester, about four months ago. We’ve been trying to train him ourselves (paid training is quite expensive) and have had great success with house training. Now he is 6 months old and huge. He’s really sweet but he doesn’t understand that he cannot jump on people and kiss them in the face.

A. Your question reads as if your bloodhound has a human conscience about his foibles. He doesn’t — he’s just being a dog . If you had done the proper research before bringing him into your home, you would have known how big he would grow. You succeeded at house training, now you can now train him not to jump on people. Along with “come,” “sit and stay” is a vital command. Reward Chester with a treat when he complies.

Q. Your answer about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and the issue of dogs in the presidential race sounded like a typical liberal response. You defended Obama’s dog meat eating and you showed a lack of understanding for why Mitt Romney placed his dog (in a cage) on top of the car (when the family drove to Canada on vacation). The Romneys did it because the dog was not feeling well and therefore its crate was secured to the top of the car to give the dog some air.

A. Thank you for offering a theory of why Mitt Romney strapped his dog cage to the roof of the car. Allow Dog Lady to make one change: The dog was ill up on the roof, not inside the car. Hours of driving on the roof caused him to let loose a stream of diarrhea that covered the windshield, and the family had to pull over and hose down the car. One of Romney’s sons proudly told this anecdote to show how expertly his dad handled the situation. Mopping up after sick puppies might serve Romney well in his run for president.

Regarding Barack Obama as a youthful canine carnivore, Dog Lady can barely think of it, much less offer a defense.

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