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Dog fur sweater cost woman a job

Updated: June 29, 2012 9:08AM

Q. I recently was looking to hire a counter clerk, and had quite a few applicants, including a woman I was keen to employ. In the second interview, however, she wore a striking wool vest, which she said she had knitted from the fur of her Bernese mountain dog. It kind of disgusted me. I ended up not hiring her and have felt guilty ever since. What’s your take on people who knit their pet?

A. Let’s say you have a sheep for a pet, or a llama, or a goat. How is knitting with these varieties of fur any different? You’re probably feeling a bit sheepish as you consider things from this perspective.

Yes, knitting with your dog’s hair is eccentric and, OK, a little bit strange. Dog Lady cannot imagine wearing a garment knit from hair of her dog. Still, you must give your applicant points for inventiveness and earth-friendliness.

Q. I have a Brussels griffon, Sam, I adopted in 2008. Recently, he started grinding his teeth. I looked online and found tooth grinding in dogs is usually associated with pain. He has been seen by his own doctor and another vet for a second opinion. They just look at me like I have no clue. How can I determine if Sam is hurting? And how can I stop him from grinding his teeth?

A. You are a conscientious owner to be concerned about this problem enough to do research and ask questions. Your veterinarians need the same responsible attitude. They should be ashamed for treating you like you’re clueless.

Contact the organization where you adopted your dog and ask for a referral to another vet. Dog Lady is not a vet, but she knows enough to sense this situation require medical intervention.

Whether his teeth-grinding is provoked by pain or anxiety, Sam might benefit from a Kong toy. This is a beehive-shaped rubber receptacle you can fill with treats. The Kong is indestructible and every dog needs one to gnaw on instead of their own grinders.

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