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Single women learn from Kate

Updated: May 3, 2011 4:47AM

The search for Mr. Right can be overwhelming at times. From disastrous blind dates to unsatisfying one-night stands, women can end up feeling less than enthused about romance.

However, before you give up, consider the real-life romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton. As wedding bells are under way, many women are wondering: How did a so-called average college coed turn England’s hottest ticket into her own personal Prince Charming?

Her supermodel looks might have been part of the reason, but as every prince knows, beautiful women are a dime a dozen. So what separated Kate from other single girls out there, and what can you learn from her dating expertise? Consider the following:

She was hard to get. Instead of playing hard to get, be hard to get. Keep an active social schedule and maintain your many interests, as Kate did when Prince William first met her at the University of St. Andrews. Her independence and confidence no doubt set her apart from other coeds who were signing up to be in the Prince’s courses or desperately haunting his favorite bar.

She bounced back after the breakup. In 2007, after years of dating, the Sun announced news of Kate and William’s breakup. However, Kate didn’t let the breakup lead to a breakdown.

Instead, she got active, joined an all-female rowing team, and hit the London club scene with her friends.

The lesson here? Although breakups are always difficult, it’s important to keep busy and continue putting yourself out there. In fact, Kate later admitted that their breakup was a valuable time as it helped her to grow and learn more about herself.

She lets him be a man. Control is a hot-button topic for couples, yet Kate and William seem to have this figured out. He is rumored to have stood up to the royal family on her behalf, and he defers to her on issues that are of importance to her.

Conversely, she doesn’t seem to bully him or take an overly authoritative role in their relationship, as evidenced by her demeanor when they are out in public.

Mutual respect allows a man to feel important and in control (rather than henpecked) while allowing the woman to maintain her own power and independence.

She didn’t succumb to outside pressures. Once Kate and the Prince got back together, many people began wondering when the young couple would wed. In fact, the British press even gave Kate the nickname “Waity Katie.”

However, choosing not to rush down the aisle is crucial. Only you can decide when the time is right for you to commit to someone.

Finally, don’t sit back and wait for a prince to come along. You have the power to create your own fairy tale and if a man is lucky, he can be a part of it if he so deserves!

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