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Polygamy: OK or perverted?

Updated: August 3, 2011 7:01PM

“(Famous, Successful) Men Gone Wild” could be the name of a new reality show. What’s behind the Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dominique Strauss Kahn, etc., scandals? Is this just men doing what comes naturally? Or is there a sense of entitlement involved? Do powerful men need the thrill of getting caught to keep sex interesting? Let me know what you think. Now back to today’s column.

Is polygamy the answer to all of society’s woes: loneliness, poverty, lack of male role models in the home? Or is it just one Christian man’s rationale for extra nooky? Has My Time Come recently suggested it, saying it goes back to the Bible. Your thoughts:

LANA: I’m not trying to promote a TV show as reality, but I’ve seen “Big Love,” and Bill Paxton’s character seems to have genuine love and respect for all his wives, and they in turn love him and try hard to make the whole shebang work. If I could be a second wife in a situation like that, I could see it. I have a great career, and I don’t really want a whole husband to myself.

KALINDA: Family relationships are complex enough without sister-wives. I’d much rather be on my own and not push my kids into a situation with competition from other kids and their moms for the new dad’s attention. As for having multiple husbands, I don’t have the energy for it.

GARBO: I think Has My Time Come is a pervert.

MARCI: The Old Testament shows how dysfunctional polygamous marriages were. For example, Jacob showed partiality to his son Joseph because he was the son of his favorite wife. How did his brothers pay him back? They sold him into slavery. Is this what this “Christian” man wants to wish on his descendants?

Also, if he’s looking at the Old Testament for marriages to copy, he should be aware that the early Hebrews promoted incest as well as polygamy. Abraham and Sara were brother and sister. Jacob was a first cousin of both Leah and Rachel. Lot had sex with his daughters. Jacob’s sons forcibly raped their sister. Is this what he wants to bring back? If so, count me out!

ADDISON: There are plenty of ways that men and women can satisfy each other sexually without intercourse. He needs to read a book or do some online research. Why haven’t he and his wife tried some of them? It’s time for him to have a heart-to-heart with his wife, and then make an appointment for them with a counselor, preferably Christian.

DAKOTA: I would love for my significant other to bring up something like this. It’s not often I get the opportunity to laugh in his face.

HAROLD: I was intrigued by his proposal to bring home single people as if they were stray cats until I saw that his altruism extended only to women. Although it’s noble to rescue lonely women, what about lonely men? When will someone offer us a loving home? They just throw 15 of us a loaf of bread in a parking lot and drive away.

LOGAN: It’s a huge insult to single women to imply that they’re all pathetic and lonely and would want the chance to be a multiple wife to a horny old jerk.

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