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Lack of cash keeps her thinner body hidden

Updated: November 4, 2013 10:12AM

Dear Cheryl,

I recently lost 102 pounds (by choice) and I thought it would be the best thing that ever happened to me. However, it’s been bittersweet. The improved health benefits are, of course, very sweet and truly a blessing. I’ve lowered my blood pressure, stopped snoring and eliminated the need for my CPAP machine. I can walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, and I’ve even completed my first 5K race at work. These are wonderful accomplishments, and I celebrate them all, honestly.

I also enjoy the complimentary remarks I receive from family, friends, and co-workers about how great I look. Unfortunately, these compliments are usually paired with “OK, now it’s time to buy new clothes” as they look me up and down, questioning why I have on pants and coats that are three sizes too big.

I’m embarrassed that I cannot afford to replace my “fat” clothes. I recently filed bankruptcy and I’m trying to get back on track financially, but until then I’m anxiously awaiting the time when I can show off my sexy new curves and feel as good on the outside as I do on the inside. Please ask your readers to send suggestions for someone who recently lost a lot of weight but who happens to be on a strict budget and has a very limited wardrobe.



First of all, major props! 102 pounds, wow! You’ve lost a person.

Now, about your baggy clothes. Why don’t you hustle yourself over to some thrift and consignment stores? Some have stuff starting at 50 cents. You have to be patient, but you can find real bargains on stylish clothes in good condition.

It’s a little more expensive, but there are also all kinds of discount stores that have clearance racks.

You’ll feel so good wearing clothes that fit, and you’ll look 102 percent better, too.

Readers, what advice do you have for DDJWTSO?

Dear Cheryl,

I’ve been married for three years. I don’t have any children. This is a first marriage for both of us. I’m 26; my husband is 29. I found out, accidentally, when I answered his cellphone, that he’s been cheating on me for the past year and half.

I feel absolutely betrayed, and the love I had for him has been destroyed. Frankly, I can’t bear to have him touch me. I can hardly stand to be in the same room with him. I want to divorce him, but I’m wondering if I’m acting too quickly.



Since you’ve only been married for three years, and your husband has been cheating for half of it, and you’re very young and you don’t have any children, a divorce may be the right thing. You can cut your losses and get on with your life.

But, I highly recommend that you see a therapist, either with or without your husband, before you do anything. A good counselor may be able to get the two of you on track. There are obviously a lot of issues here that need to be explored.

It will also be helpful if you do divorce. You want to come out of the experience wiser, with insights into your behavior, and with as little bitterness as possible.

Good luck and stay in touch!

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