Faces of minimum wage: Home care worker ‘always back in the hole’

Dorothy Carter, 87, of Woodlawn, had nine children with her late husband, Chauncey. The youngest, 48-year-old Cornelia Simms, travels from her South Shore apartment five days a week, three hours nightly, to cook, clean and otherwise care for her mother. Simms earns $10.25 an hour providing Medicaid-funded homemaker services to her mother.


Korecki: Debate shows Quinn, Rauner as not-so-artful dodgers

As the final in a series of debates between Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner played out last week, there were distinct questions both candidates dodged. This might be a good time to bring you the answers they wouldn’t give — and explore why.

    Who won the debates?



      Sacred truths: ‘Vodou’ exhibit explores real meaning of Haitian belief system

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      Field Museum presents homemade art, artifacts and spiritual representations that showcase the breadth and depth of one of the world’s most ancient systems of belief. Read More