Sun-Times’ parent company sells suburban newspapers to Tribune

Sun-Times Media’s parent company, Wrapports LLC, has sold its 32 suburban weeklies and six daily newspapers to Tribune Publishing Company. The deal was announced Friday.

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Joe Maddon: A real ray of hope for Cubs

RICK MORRISSEY: Finally, after five seasons of bad baseball from the Cubs and superhuman patience from their fans, something real.  Something with flesh, bones and a track record of achievement at the major-league level. A proven player? Whoa, whoa. Easy there, Cubs fans. What’s your rush?

    MVP: Kyle Pugh



      Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nightcrawler’: A convincing creep, but gaffes spoil story

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      RICHARD ROEPER: Aa a freelance vulture who records video of crime and crash scenes for TV news, Jake Gyllenhaal plays one of the most disturbing Read More