We're proud to have captured these 181 portraits to showcase as this Veterans Day approaches.

We know there are other wars since, and we know men and women fight across the world on this very day.

This project does not diminish what they have done, and what they will do.

But today we bring you memories of another era.

We bring you these Faces of Freedom.

Join us in thanking them for their service, sacrifice and stories.

Join with us in thanking them for giving their youth in service to this great nation we call home.

Sincerely yours,
Michelle Holmes, editor
(708) 633-6751

'They didn't want to admit we were used'
Robert Burns enlisted in the Navy to be an eager sailor. All his friends already were in. So he persuaded his mother to sign for her 17-year-old son to enlist at the end of 1944.

'I was where everything was happening'
Clara Ferguson was one of the first women sent to Europe as part of the Women's Army Corps. Morale was her mission.

'When you get your mother's blessings you can lick the world.'
Lee Flessor swears the blessing from his Greek mother took him safely through the war and protected him when everyone else in a bombing died.

Army, Navy, Merchant Marine
Mort Franklin left home at 15 to join the Merchant Marine, the least picky branch when it came to age. He finished the war in Korea with the Army, and went on to a military career with the Navy.

'We look like prisoners of war, we lost so much weight'
Know how a paratrooper prepares for a tree landing? "You cross your legs," 87-year-old Arthur Fulte says with a full laugh. As a paratrooper he made 13 jumps by day and two by night in the Pacific theater, mostly in the jungle.

'It was hell'
The war was hell for Alfred Emil Grossenbacher. Just hell - a bullet-ridden, endless, frozen hell. Grossenbacher, who'd spend 15 years in the Army, fought the Battle of the Bulge from a waterlogged foxhole somewhere in Germany.

'I was young and foolish and I wanted to see a lot of action'
Emmitt Hays lied through his teeth to get his 16-year-old self into the Marines and landed in the South Pacific with the Marine Raiders.

'So iced up we couldn't use it'
During his years on the USS Northland in World War II, Joseph Holoubek battled ice as he did Nazis. It was so cold in the waters of the North Atlantic, he said, you'd last only three minutes if you fell in the water.

'For 65 years I never said a word'
It took decades for Norman Lasman to tell his children about a day in 1945 when his life was threatened by Japanese suicide bombers in the Pacific Ocean. "For 65 years I never said a word," said Lasman, 87.

'It was fast and furious'
Bill Mancke ditched high school in Tinley Park to enlist. He landed with the Fighting Fourth, one of the few Marine outfits to leave the states and land directly in the Pacific.

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