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B96’s Showbiz Shelly cleans up her diet, for good

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Updated: September 2, 2013 6:02AM

Being young and on the go 24/7 often is a recipe for bad eating. Not so for Showbiz Shelly, the popular entertainment reporter on the J Show, which kicks off at 5:30 a.m., on B96.

And this from a woman who freely admits she doesn’t cook (although she’d like to learn).

Part of the reason is that she has the gene for celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that has the body attacking itself whenever that person ingests gluten. (Her mother and grandmother have the disease.)

So she’s followed a gluten-free diet for about six years and has been “superserious” about eating healthy for about three years. We talked with her about her eating style.


“It’s definitely not as hard as it used to be because now you have so many restaurants that have gluten-free menus,” she said.

“Even now groceries stores ... at Jewel, and of course I go to Whole Foods a lot and they have tons of … gluten-free options.”


“You do have to be a little bit careful because just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s good for you necessarily. So I’m always still reading labels and looking at ingredients and seeing what’s in everything because I really try to eat things in as natural form as possible. And I try to eat things too that don’t have over I would say like 10 ingredients.

I like to try to understand what the ingredients say, so as long as I understand all the ingredients, then I know that’s good. I try to go by that rule. Of course when you eat out that’s a little more difficult.


Fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains.


Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman.

“That really changed everything for me reading that book. It was really eye-opening. Basically saying a lot of what we put in our mouths really affects our well-being in lots of different ways. After I read that book that’s really when I gave my diet a big overhaul.”

THEN ...

“Doing the morning show, you get people bringing you food: Pizza coming at 9 o’clock in the morning. Breakfast, cinnamon rolls, all kinds of doughnuts. I used to eat that stuff. ...”

“I didn’t eat nearly as much fruit. Didn’t eat nearly as many vegetables; I would try to have a side of vegetables at dinner.”


“I try to have some vegetables at every meal. Sometimes it’s hard at breakfast; sometimes I have those green shakes (“people look at them and find disgusting, but I love them). Salad for lunch. Dinner fish, vegetables, brown rice.


“I’m a big snacker. I like picking on things.”

Her list includes: almonds, almond butter, Lara bars, dried fruit.


Mustard. “I put it on eggs, I put it on hash browns, I put it on chicken.”


Sugar. I love sweets. I love cookies, cakes, frosting. I love all that; that really was the hardest thing to get rid of all that. ... I try to stay away from sugar and processed stuff.


“I started noticing big differences. My skin. I lost a lot of weight and I wasn’t even exercising that much; it was all diet.

“People see the kale salads and the green shakes and people look at you with disgust (I would rather have that, it doesn’t even taste bad to me; I think it tastes good). But I would rather have that than trying to work out two hours a day. That’s just my preference.”


“Sometimes I cheat. If I cheat in the morning — if someone brings by cookies and I have a cookie. — my mindset is well, I just blew the whole day. The day is shot. So then I eat whatever I want the whole day.


“I recharge. Sleep. And then the next day I start over.”

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